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Shower Cubicle for Disabled Users | More Ability

Published: 22 February 2019

Creating bathing solutions for people with a range of disabilities, there are several options available when it comes to showers for disabled users, to assist with the mobility for you or a loved one.

Helping to improve safety and independence, disabled shower units can be fit without having to compromise on your bathroom’s overall design.

This article breaks the disabled shower options available and what you need to consider, helping you to choose the best solution for your bathing needs.

Disabled Wet Rooms

Making the most of the available space, wet rooms turn your entire room into a safer disabled shower solution.

Creating a true level access solution, a disabled wet room is the bespoke option of choice as the shape, size and layout of a disabled shower wet room can be customised to suit the needs of the user or their carer.

With a slightly sloped shower tray that is installed under the floor, the entire room is then ‘tanked’ to ensure it is fully waterproofed and covered with anti-slip vinyl flooring and either accessible wall boards or slip-resistant tiles.

An optional extra to help conceal water within the disabled shower area would be the inclusion of a shower curtain and/or half-height doors – not an essential addition but a preferred one where carer assistance is required as it provides an element of privacy.

To gather further information on what is included in disabled shower wet rooms, read our wet room ideas for disabled people article.

Level Access Mobility Showers

If you don’t require wheelchair access or carer support, level access mobility showers are a great disabled shower option.

Consisting of an anti-slip shower tray that is installed flush (level) with your floor, level access disabled shower units remove any requirements to step over. Water from your shower is contained by your choice of glass door, shower curtain and or half height door.

Available in a range of shower tray sizes, level access disabled shower units can be directly fit into a removed bath area, which is great for those who wish to keep their current bathroom layout.

Wheelchair Access Disabled Showers

Wheelchair accessible disabled showers consist of a large level access shower tray that has been widened to fit the size of the wheelchair, alongside wide outward opening doors that typically open from a central point.

They create enough space for a wheelchair user to bathe safely and comfortably.

To find out more information on bathroom adaptation requirements for wheelchair use - Read our guide on how to create a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

Carer- assisted Disabled Showers

With over 7 million caregivers in the UK, when discussing disabled shower units we are often asked about carer assisted disabled showers and what they consist of.

Designed for simultaneous use, carer-assisted disabled showers consist of a level access shower tray with half height bi-folding doors, allowing for the patient to be washed without the carer getting wet. An option of installing a shower curtain is also possible, to provide additional privacy and to create a create a more dignified bathing experience.

Disabled showers can also be installed with a ceiling hoist for ease of transfer for the user and carer.

Disabled shower safety features

Showers for disabled users also include a set of additional safety features to help to assist with user’s independence and comfort.

These safety features can be fit whether you wish to undergo a full disabled shower room renovation or simply wish to improve the safety of your current bathroom. The main safety features include:

Thermostat controls

Disabled shower units are often fitted with thermostatically controlled shower mixers that stop the shower water from heating up past a set temperature. This helps to avoid any burns or scolding.

Fitted grab bars

Available in a range of sizes and designs, grab rails can be fitted anywhere within your disabled shower cubicle and shower room to assist with manoeuvrability.To find out more about grab rails and where they can be fit, take a look at our bathroom rails buying guide here.

Fixed shower seat

Creating the option for the user to rest their legs when bathing, fitted shower seats include a fixed cushion and arm rests for additional comfort and support.

Emergency pull cord

Helping to assist with independent bathing, emergency pull cords can be fit to alert the user's carer that they require additional help, or inform them of an emergency.

Anti-slip vinyl flooring

Anti-slip vinyl flooring, also known as non-slip vinyl flooring or safety vinyl, is designed to help prevent any unfortunate slips or falls. Easy to clean, it’s available in a variety of colours and textures.

Maintenance free wall boards

Like anti-slip vinyl flooring, accessiblewall boards are low maintenance and easy to clean.A popular alternative to tiles, they’re available in a range of designs.

If you wish to gather further information about Showers for disabled users or to find out more information about our full design and fit service, please call a friendly member of our team or book a free design appointment online.

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