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Disabled Showers.

At More Ability we've been specialising in the full design and installation of disabled showers and mobility showers for over 50 years. As experts in our field, with us you'll discover a comprehensive range of:

> Wheelchair Accessible Disabled Showers

> Carer Assisted Disabled Showers

> And Level Access Mobility Showers

Designed to meet individual wants and needs, our disabled shower rooms help you or a loved one remain safe and independent at home.

The main benefits to installing a disabled shower room, opposed to an ‘off the shelf’ level access solution, is that they are designed to cover all present needs, as well as taking into consideration any future deterioration; meaning if done correctly it will only be done once.

Wheelchair Access Disabled Showers.

Wheelchair accessible disabled showers are large in size and consist of a level access non-slip shower tray with wide opening doors. Providing enough space for wheelchair access and manoeuvre-ability the shower doors typically open from a central point.

Our disabled shower adaptations are bespoke in design and unique in use and installation because we create, and propose, specific solutions that cater for an individuals wants, needs and requirements.

Carer Assisted Disabled Showers.

Allowing you or a loved one to be comfortably washed without the carer getting wet, carer assisted disabled showers include a level access non-slip shower tray enclosed by half-height bi-folding doors and a shower curtain for privacy.

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Level Access Mobility Showers.

A great alternative when space is limited or for those that don’t require wheelchair access or carer support, a mobility level access shower with seat typically consists of a smaller non-slip shower tray enclosed behind full or half height doors.

What makes our disabled showers bespoke is depending on your circumstances i.e. whether you require wheel-in access or career assistance, we can ensure your shower area (tray size) is fit for purpose, making your overall layout far safer and easier to navigate.

Disabled Shower Room Safety Features.

In addition to the specific design characteristics of each disabled shower room solution there are a number of further safety features which are paramount in disabled shower room design.

These include:

> Fitted Grab Bars

> Emergency Pull Cord

> Anti-Slip Safety Vinyl

> Maintenance Free Wall Boards

> Outward Opening Shower Doors

> A Thermostatically Controlled Shower Mixer

> Fixed Cushioned Shower Seat with Arm Support

Furthermore, and depending on circumstance, disabled showers or mobility showers can also be installed with the option to include a ceiling hoist for ease of transfer for the user and or carer.

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Disabled Shower Rooms Designed and Installed.

Whether you require walk-in, zimmer-in or wheel in access the design and installation of a disabled shower room will help to:

> Make Daily Showering Easier

> Offer A Safe And Dignified Experience

> Provide Peace Of Mind For You And Your Loved Ones

Take Control of your Shower Experience with a Disabled Shower Room.

At More Ability we listen carefully to understand individual wants, needs and requirements allowing us to design a disabled shower room that will work for today, tomorrow and many years to come.

Offering a full design and installation service if you'd like to discuss your options for disabled showers or mobility showers in more detail call a friendly member of our team today.

Alternatively you can book a free design appointment online or visit one of our showrooms, located in Leeds and Harrogate, to explore our disabled shower room solutions in more detail.

More Ability, part of the Passmore Group, are Yorkshire’s only 5* rated bathroom adaptation company. Specialising in accessible, mobility and disabled bathroom solutions we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver from design right through to installation and after care.