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An easily accessible walk-in shower solution provides a safe & stylish alternative to traditional showering thanks to the low or level access slip resistant tray.

Perfect if you're considering a bath replacement solution, accessible walk-in showers are usually open ended with regards to an enclosure and are as versatile as they are discreet in terms of lending themselves to a stylish & safe showering alternative.

Stylish & Accessible Walk In Shower Solution
Stylish Walk In Shower Solution
Stylish Walk In Shower Solution

If you find your existing shower, or bath - especially when getting in & out is beginning to prove difficult; then an easily accessible walk-in shower may be the solution for you.

Stylish in appearance they are also relatively maintainance free.

Usually designed in conjunction with the use of slip resistant vinyl for the floor and water proofed tile boards to the walls within the shower area the no grout requirements, and therefore unbroken finish, means ease of maintenance, ensuring you or a loved one stays safe while cleaning.

Stylish Walk In Shower Solution

As with all accessible bathing & showering solutions the finishing touches to the overall suite is key to ensuring a stylish design.

Generally speaking, there are only a handful of options with regards to safe fixtures therefore it is the floor & wall covering choices, lighting options, furniture & storage requirements and the brassware & accessory decisions that transform a relatively bare solution into a simply stunning stylish & accessible suite.

With us, you can remain safe without having to compromise on style.

At More Ability we understand your wants, needs & requirements are unique to you; which is why no two solutions are exactly the same. We offer a personalized service because we want to provide you with an easy access solution that reflects your personality as much as it meets your needs.

So to discuss your easy access walk-in shower solution with an experienced surveyor, contact us today on 0113 201 5030.

Alternatively you can book a free, no obligation, home survey appointment to discuss your requirements in the comfort of your own home or visit our showroom for a great selection of accessible solutions that we have inspirationally designed within real life settings.

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