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Disabled wetroom refurbishment case study | Leeds | More Ability

Published: 27 September 2023


Mr. and Mrs. Heselwood had an existing bathroom design in Batley, however, they were looking to fully revamp the existing concept due to recent struggles. With the help of their daughter, the couple set out to explore their options.


While researching on the Internet, the trio came across our More Ability brand and saw the service we provide, which was of interest to them.

Mr. Heselwood and his daughter came into our established Leeds Disabled Bathroom showroom, where we have a range of disabled bath and shower room displays. They were both in search of further information, potential solutions, and advice for a new safe, and accessible concept.

They explained to our dedicated showroom demonstrator Tony that recent challenges with the existing design led them to the decision to completely refurbish the bathroom, to achieve a more accessible bath solution.

Taking note of this, Mr Heselwood and his daughter were informed that accessible bathrooms were our remit of work. Continuing further, they were walked through how we deliver complete peace of mind to our clients through the full design and fit service we provide, and how More Ability forms one part of a house of brands under the Passmore Group umbrella.

Happy with the information they had been provided with, the Heselwood family proceeded to book a free design appointment for a designer to visit their home and take them through the initial stages of a new accessible concept.

Our experienced designer Garry visited the couple’s home, who were accompanied by their daughter. The four of them would go through the family’s expectations, reasons for a change and discuss any prior design ideas they had.

With the notes Garry had been provided with prior to the appointment, he reiterated that the family were after a safer bathroom solution due to struggles with the existing design. The family echoed this, and the conversation continued with their criteria and requirements.

Mr and Mrs Heselwood started off by explaining their need to convert the bathroom into a wet room, to enhance their couple’s safety while facilitating accessibility and ease of use. Other than a request to remove the existing floor tiles, in replacement of a non-slip alternative, they requested advice from Garry given his extensive experience in accessible bathroom design.

Garry agreed with their idea of a wet room and came up with a design proposal that reflected a disabled wet room concept.

Wanting to future-proof the design, Garry also suggested several accessible bathroom design features such as grab rails, a foldable seat, and a slide curtain with half-height shower doors, which would facilitate assisted bathing if ever the need arose.

After considering Garry’s suggestions the couple concluded that the proposed design surpassed their expectations and that Garry had listened to their ideas while going above and beyond to care for them while protecting their investment.

Garry behind the design:- It was evident through conversation that the couple wanted to get rid of the bathroom and replace with a safer, and more practical solution, that would make their daily life easier while offering all parties complete peace of mind. Creating a design around their initial ideas, I included additional accessible features to provide them with increased comfort and safety, while future proofing the design, making it fit for purpose now, but also for many years to come.

Providing a perfect solution to their problem, the family were eager to carry on with the process, so Garry provided them with a provisional quote for the project and invited them for a second appointment to come into our Leeds Disabled Bathroom Showroom, where he would present them with CAD images.

During the second appointment, Garry presented them with various CAD images based on the disabled wet room design proposal, to help them envision how the new concept would look. Delighted with the potential outcome to follow, Garry helped them choose the final features, with the couple proceeding to place an order with us.

With a provisional installation date for the works, Mr & Mrs Heselwood were introduced to our bathroom surveyor Joe who would liaise with the fitter throughout the job to ensure it ran smoothly.

Disabled Wet Room Installation

Our More Ability fitter James stripped out the existing bath, and removed the tiled floor, before starting to transform the space into a disabled wet room concept.

To the right, where the bath was originally situated, would be the location for new the wet room shower solution. Beige accessible wall boarding were fit, making daily life easier for the couple, due to their maintenance free finish.

In addition, a height-adjustable riser rail, shower mixer and grab bars were installed, alongside a cushioned foldable chair to provide the option of showering while seated. The entire room was fit with beige anti-slip vinyl flooring, adding to the safety of the couple as it is water resistant preventing them from falling.

To conclude the disabled wet room installation a slide curtain and half-height shower screens were fit, helping to retain water within the allocated area while offering the option of assisted bathing in the future if the need arose.

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Senior Designer

Garry is an experienced bathroom surveyor and designer having worked in and around the industry for 28 years; gaining invaluable experience whilst at bathroom specialist’s; Norwood & Porcelanosa.

Showing a keen interest in design & technical drawing from an early age Garry ‘fell’ into surveying bathrooms as a result of wanting to make the most of his natural abilities which involved a creative flare for design.

At Passmore’s Garry works directly with the MoreBathrooms & MoreAbility brands, surveying & designing bathroom works and solutions for the domestic homeowner.

Garry will also work alongside Paul Tarbard managing the showroom ensuring the latest products and designs are on display.

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