Pricing and VAT Exemption

Pricing & VAT Exemption

How Much Do Disabled Bathrooms Cost?

We receive a lot of calls asking how much disabled bathrooms cost to be designed and installed. The truth is, without a home survey appointment, it’s difficult to give an exact indication of cost, as it depends on a number of different factors.

How Do We Price Disabled Bathrooms?

No one person’s wants, needs and requirements are the same. As a result, all of our bathroom adaptations are unique.

With that in mind, there are no set disabled bathroom prices – instead, we provide detailed quotes which take into consideration bathing needs, best-fit solutions and individual design preferences. The below guide to pricing is provided to help you understand exactly what factors are going to impact your quote.

In addition to this it’s good to know that here at More Ability we’re backed by the government 0% & 5% disabled VAT exemption scheme with regards to the installation of easy access baths and accessible showers.

Scheme 1: 0% Disabled VAT Exemptions

The 0% disabled VAT exemption scheme in relation to home adaptations and alterations, principally accessible bathrooms, mobility bathrooms and disabled bathrooms, is available on a certain number of products including:

In order to qualify for the 0% disabled VAT exemption, we provide our customers with a simple form to fill out which includes details of any physical conditions or disabilities such as arthritis or stroke sufferers. No doctor’s notes are needed and no Occupational Therapist sign off / approval is required.

In our experience, most adaptations of this nature qualify for this scheme, which leads to a great saving for our customers. In fact, on a typical £5,000 mobility wet room conversion, a disabled VAT exemption customer could save themselves £1,000.

Scheme 2: Pay 5% VAT

The second disabled VAT exemption scheme available is for 5% VAT. It’s suitable for those over the age of 60 and concerns the supply and installation of the following:

In a typical bathroom installation of this kind we find that over two thirds of the job qualifies for this lower rate, which again can result in a great saving.

On an average a £5,000 easy access shower conversion, a 5% disabled VAT exemption customer could save themselves £750.

Disabled VAT exemptions, both 5% and 0%, are also available for other home adaptations and alterations including door widening, downstairs WC for ease of use and access ramps.

On top of VAT exemption it is worth understanding that different mobility bathroom installations will be priced differently. Read on for more information on:

Easy Access Showers

Easy Access Baths

Mobility Showers

Disabled Wet Rooms

Accessible Walk-In Showers Prices

Easy access showers and level access showers with seat are a firm mobility bathroom favourite due to their versatility, ease of access and ability to turn what could be a clinical looking suite into a stylish and accessible design, with the help of a number of finishing touches.

Its choice like this that will impact the price of accessible walk in showers, and a lot of that choice comes down to personal preferences, wants and needs. With that in mind it can become increasingly difficult to provide an indicative cost without a) seeing the existing bathroom and b) having an in depth discussion over certain elements.

For example, the following factors will affect the price of an accessible walk in shower:

  • What type of wall coverings you would prefer i.e. tiles (full or half) or wall boards
  • Do you want, need or require the ability to sit while showering? If so would a shower chair, foldable seat or bespoke bench work best for you?
  • There a number of door options / enclosures to consider, from full and half height bi-folding doors, glass patricians or a simple shower curtain.
  • Do you want or need grab bars, if so how many and where?
  • What type of access do you require? Walk-in, wheel-in or zimmer-in? This in itself can impact the overall design massively.

Whatever your preferences, wants, needs and requirements, we can help you take complete control of your bathing experience to ensure the solution you end up with is fit for purpose and will work for today, tomorrow and many years to come.

For detailed pricing information on accessible walk-in showers and level access showers for the elderly, you can contact a friendly member of our team on 0113 201 5030 or book your free home survey appointment and quote here.

Walk-In Easy Access Baths Prices

At More Ability we offer a wide range of baths for the elderly, less-abled and disabled. Strictly dependent on your individual circumstances and bathing requirements we can offer a number of solutions including:

Depending on what your needs are will determine what bath would be most suitable for you or a loved one. In terms of specific product choice there is then a number of considerations including size, shape, door opening specifications and built in seat preferences, whether built in or power-assisted rise and fall that will determine the cost for the design and installation of your perfect bathing solution.

To discuss your walk-in bath requirements with an experienced surveyor you can contact us on 0113 201 5030. Similarly we have a variety of walk-in baths on display in our Leeds disabled bathroom showroom if you prefer to come and see what we have to offer before booking a home survey and quote appointment.

Disabled Wet Room Prices

As with our other solutions, the price of our disabled wet rooms is dependent on a variety of factors. Designed to meet specific requirements, our disabled wet rooms are bespoke in design and unique in use and installation, because we create solutions that cater for individual wants and needs.

The main benefits to installing a disabled wet room, as opposed to any other type of disabled shower solution, is that the entire room becomes your showering area. This in turn maximises your use of space, which ultimately increases safety. So, whether you require carer-assisted showering or walk-in, wheel-in or zimmer-in access, a bespoke disabled wet room could be the perfect solution for you.

As a result of all of the above, providing an idea of cost, without an initial discussion and survey of the existing space, is virtually impossible. There are so many variants and decisions to make when it comes to designing a disabled wet room, all of which can increase and decrease the finished quote, that without a survey any cost would be complete guess work.

To discuss your wet room requirements you can contact a friendly member of our More Ability team on 0113 201 5030. Alternatively you can book a free, no obligation home survey appointment and quote to discuss your requirements in the comfort of your own home.

For more information on pricing or VAT exemptions, contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help and assist with any questions you may have.