0% VAT Available

0% VAT Available

We are backed by the government 0% & 5% VAT exemption scheme with regards to the installation of easy access bath & shower rooms

Scheme 1: Pay 0% VAT

The 0% VAT scheme in relation to home adaptations and alterations, principally easy access bathrooms, is available on a certain number of products including:

  • Walk-in showers
  • Wet rooms
  • Shower seats & grab rails

In order to qualify for the 0% VAT exemption, we provide our customers with a simple form to fill out which includes details of any physical conditions or disabilities such as arthritis or stroke sufferers. No doctor’s notes are needed and no Occupational Therapist sign off / approval is required. In our experience, most adaptations of this nature qualify for this scheme, which is a great saving for our customers, in fact on a typical £5,000 wet room conversion a VAT exempt customer could save themselves £1,000.

As a company we take care of all paper work, making this an easy process as we can for you.

Scheme 2: Pay 5% VAT

The second VAT scheme available is for 5% which is suitable for those over the age of 60, with regards to the supply and installation of the following:

  • Bath lifts
  • Walk-in baths
  • Shower cubicles inc. shower seats
  • Grab rails
  • Access ramps

In a typical bathroom installation of this kind we find that over two thirds of the job qualifies for this lower rate, which again can result in a great saving. On an average £5,000 walk-in bathroom conversion, a 5% VAT customer could save themselves £750.

Again, as a company we would be on hand to take care of all of the paper work making this an equally easy process.

VAT exemptions, both 5% and 0%, are also available for other home adaptations and alterations including door widening, downstairs WC for ease of use and access ramps.

Our sister company, MoreBuild, can take care of all building adaptation solutions. Please call a member of our friendly team on 0113 201 5030 for more information.