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Our disabled wet rooms are bespoke in design and unique in use and installation because we create solutions that cater for individual wants, needs and requirements.

The main benefits to installing a disabled wet room, opposed to any other type disabled shower solution, is that the entire room becomes your showering area which in turn maximises your use of space.

This allows for greater ease of movement, making your overall layout far safer and easier to navigate. So whether you require career assisted showering or walk-in, wheel-in or zimmer-in access a bespoke disabled wet room could be the perfect solution for you.

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A firm favourite of ours, disabled wet rooms are also recognised by health care professionals, and occupational therapist alike, for being the complete disabled showering solution.

Not only do disabled wet rooms ensure maximum safety and complete versatility they can also be designed to take into consideration any conditions that have a high risk of deterioration as well as those that are subject to progressively changing needs meaning a safer and more dignified showering experience for you or a loved one.

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What makes disabled wet rooms the most popular disabled shower solution in the industry, opposed to a traditional level access tray or enclosure, is that the entire room becomes your shower solution.

In turn this maximises your use of space, allowing greater ease of movement and making your overall layout far safer and easier to navigate.

If your showering experience is assisted both yourself and your career will appreciate how important that extra space can be.

Similarly if you shower independently but have a walking aid, perhaps a zimmer frame, or maybe you are confined to a wheel chair, you will undoubtedly appreciate how much of a difference the extra space a disabled wet room will provide as a result of there bespoke and purpose built design.

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At More Ability we manage the entire process from start to finish, and have done so for over 50 years - our only aim is to help you, or your loved ones, to shower safely, with dignity and in comfort.

With us, you can always be rest assured of a friendly and professional service. So if you'd like to learn more, or discuss your disabled wet room requirements with an experienced surveyor, please call a member of the More Ability team on 0113 201 5030.

Alternatively you can use our online booking form to arrange a free, home survey appointment at a time convenient to you & your loved ones or visit our showroom to discover our disabled wet room solutions for yourself.

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