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Recognised by health care professionals & occupational therapist alike for being the complete showering solution, a mobility wet room showers, also known as a wet floor showers, ensures practicality in use, easy access and maximum safety and for you or your loved ones.

Each wet room shower adaptation we undertake is bespoke in design and unique in use & installation because we create solutions that cater to for individual wants, needs and mobility requirements.

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With a mobility friendly wet room shower, opposed to a traditional tray or enclosure, the entire room becomes your bathing solution.

In turn this maximises your use of space, allowing greater ease of movement and making your overall layout far safer & easier to navigate.

Another advantage to a safe & practical wet room shower, as opposed to other mobility bathing solutions, is that they lend themselves to all eventualities, providing a 'suitable for all' type bathing setting; regardless of whether the user is elderly, psychically impaired or disabled.

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You'll also find that this type of elderly friendly shower solution is very easy to maintain as it requires less cleaning than enclosures as a result of their no hinged design, and depending on choice, no grout requirements; meaning less places for residue to hide.

Similarly to any solution it is the finishing touches that can bring the design of the overall adaptation to life - turning a clinical adaptation into a safe & stunning mobility wet room shower.

With a fantastic selection of sanitary ware we're confident we can create you a wet room that meets your wants & needs while fulfilling any aspirational requirements.

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At More Ability we take care of everything from design right through to installation, meaning a stress free and personalized end-end service.

If you'd like to learn more about our safe & mobility friendly wet room showers; whether for your own home, residential care setting or sheltered housing; please call a member of our team on 0113 201 5030.

Alternatively you can use our online booking form to arrange a free showroom has great motorway connections making us easy to find.

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