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Bathroom Grab Rails Buying Guide | More Ability

17 July 2020

What Are Bathroom Grab Rails For?

Grab rails and grab bars are a great fall prevention addition to any bath or shower room. They help enhance balance and act as a stability and reassurance aid in a wet and high risk area of the home.

As well as providing some reassurance when moving around the bathroom, grab rails can assist with specific mobility issues such as needing help getting in and out of the bath or shower.

Types Of Grab Rails

Straight Horizontal Grab Rails

Straight horizontal grab rails are installed where a push support is necessary typically in an area where seating and standing movement is required, like getting on (push support getting down) and off (push support getting up) the toilet.

Straight Vertical Grab Rails

Secondly, you have straight vertical grab rails which are perfect where a pulling movement is required. Similar to the above, these can be installed in a location where you would prefer to pull yourself up rather than push, perhaps in an area where you need support getting up and out of a wheelchair or even entry / exit into the bathroom itself if you are confronted with a step.

Angled Grab Rails

Angled grab rails which are also straight but installed on a slant and provide a combination of half vertical & half horizontal benefits as they can be used to aid with either a pushing or a pulling movement. These ideal for the bath, where you might require a few different grip options.

Folding Grab Rails

If you have limited space, or require slide transfers to the toilet, then folding grab bars are ideal. This style of grab bar folds out when needed, and then folds flat against the wall when not in use, freeing up space in the room.

Can Grab Rails Still Look Stylish?

Absolutely. although this specific safety feature once screamed ‘institutional’ - the traditional and sterile public-restroom look is often the one reason that people resist installing them - recent innovations mean there’s now a large number of appealing options available.

For example, a minimally designed, wavy, chrome grab rail (as below) situated in a cream, grey and or beige suite would offer a stylish and more luxurious look and feel without compromising on safety.

There are various styles and features available ensure your suite remains both safe and easy on the eye.

Polished Chrome

This is probably the most attractive option, but can be slippy when in use or wet. They also come in a wavey design for extra style.

Plastic Finish

The traditional white plastic is more clinical looking solution, but is warm to the touch and hardwearing.

Slip Resistant

Ultra safe thanks to a coated surface, but these grab rails may be uncomfortable when gripping if you have sensitive hands.

High contrast

Grab rails with bright and fluorescent colours are perfect for those who suffer with a visual impairment or from conditions like dementia.

Of course, grab rails are just one option. If getting in and out of the bath safely is becoming more difficult, you could consider a walk in bath.

It’s important in the design and planning stage to establish where additional support is required so it can be planned into the design, ensuring everything within the installation fits perfectly and works in harmony. This will ensure a safe and practical solution that works for today, tomorrow and many years to come.

If you wish to find out more about the bathroom safety options available for you, call us to speak to one of our friendly design experts. Alternatively, you can book an online design appointment or visit one of our showrooms.

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