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Walk-In Baths For The Elderly.

At More Ability we offer a variety of walk-in baths for the elderly, each designed to transform your bathing experience, so you can bathe independently and with ease.

Our range of walk in baths for the elderly include:

> Walk-In Baths With A Built In Seat

> Walk-In Baths With A Shower Mixer

> Walk-In Baths With A Rise And Fall Seat

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When it comes to walk-in baths, just because they serve a health or age related concern doesn't mean they can't be stylish in appearence.  At More Ability our solutions for walk-in baths include:  Walk-In Baths with a Rise & Fall Seat,  Walk-In Baths with Shower Mixer &  Walk-In Bath Tub with Build in Seat.

Walk-In Baths With A Built In Seat.

A popular option, these walk-in baths for the elderly consist of a non-removable fitted seat, great for those who need extra support while sitting in the bath.

Walk-in baths with a built-in seat also include the following features:

> Available In A Variety Of Sizes

> Slip Resistant Seat And Bath Base

> Option To Install A Grab Rail For Extra Safety

At More Ability our walk-in bath solutions are designed to transform your bathing experience while significantly improving your safety and comfort without the need to make significant alterations to your accessible bathroom design.

Walk-In Baths With A Shower Mixer.

Walk-in baths with a shower mixer are a great solution for those who want the option to shower or bathe.

Including the following features:

> Slip Resistant Bath Base

> Thick Toughened Glass For Extra Safety

> Available In A L, P And Standard Bath Shape

> Option To Install A Grab Rail For Extra Safety

Walk-in baths with a shower mixer are the perfect multi-generational and multi-use bathing solution.

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Walk-In Baths With A Rise And Fall Seat.

These walk-in baths for the elderly consist of a powered seat that gently lowers users in and out of the bath at the touch of a button.

With many additional features including:

> Wider Opening Doors

> Removable Powered Seat

> Thermostatically Controlled Taps

A walk-in bath with rise and fall seat is one of the most popular bathing options availble.

Benefits Of Walk-In Baths For The Elderly.

Walk-in baths for the elderly offer a number of additional benefits which can substantially improve your quality of life.

If you struggle with mobility or suffer from:

> An Ailment

> Aches And Pains

> Or Muscle Deterioration

Then a walk-in bath may be the solution for you. To find out more information, including associated costs click here

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Full Walk-In Bath Design And Installation Service.

Once you have decided which walk-in bath best suits you and your needs it is then the finishing touches that can really bring your mobility bathroom to life.

To find out more about how a walk-in bath could help you or a loved one call a friendly member of our team today.

Alternatively you can book a free design appointment online or visit one of our mobility bathroom showrooms located in Leeds and Harrogate.

More Ability, part of the Passmore Group, are Yorkshire’s only 5* rated bathroom adaptation company. Specialising in accessible, mobility and disabled bathroom solutions we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver from design right through to installation and after care.

Whether you want a future proofed solution or require a more specialist adaptation in order to remain independent at home More Ability can help create a safe space to bathe for you or your loved ones.

Walk-In Bath FAQ's

What is a walk-in bath and how does it benefit individuals with limited mobility?

A walk-in bath is designed for individuals with problems with mobility. Featuring a door that allows for a user to step into the bath at a lower level, rather than over the bath side as you would with a traditional bath makes them easier for getting in and out of. Similarly a mobility walk-in bath typical features a seat for extra safety and comfort while bathing.

How is the water temperature controlled in a walk-in bath to ensure user safety, especially for individuals with reduced sensation or mobility?

Walk-in baths typically include anti-scald technology and user-friendly temperature controls to prevent the water from getting too hot, enhancing user safety whilst bathing.

Is it possible to install a Walk-In Bath into an existing bathroom without major renovations?

In many cases, existing bathrooms can be updated to include a walk-in bath as in most instances they are the same size as a standard bath. This approach can be cost-effective and efficient while still providing a safe and practical solution, keeping the existing sanitary ware in situ.

What therapeutic options can be added to a walk-in bath to provide additional comfort?

A walk-in bath can include therapeutic features such as hydrotherapy, air jets, heated seats, and anti-scald technology to enhance comfort and aid in mobility.