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As we get older, often nearing retirement age, many of us will find that we begin to struggle getting in and out of the bath, lacking the upper body strength required to pull ourselves up and out of the water.

As a result, bathing, which was once an enjoyable part of the day, can become troublesome and more difficult to manage.

At More Ability we understand the struggles later life can bring with regards to bathing, which is why we believe it essential to plan for the future so that you can maintain your independence and continue to enjoy the time you spend in your bathroom each day.

Stylish Easy Access Bathing Solutions
Stylish Easy Access Bathing Solutions

Bathe with independence, in comfort and in safety.

The bathroom is widely acknowledge to be the most troublesome and risk infused room within the modern day home.

Walk-in baths and easy access mobility baths are one solution which may help overcome this troublesome area and transform your bathing experience, improving safety and comfort without the need to make significant alterations to your existing bathroom design.

Stylish Easy Access Bathing Solutions

Although accessible bathing solutions can look quite specialist it is the finishing touches to the overall suite that is key to ensuring a stylish design.

It really is the small details that can make the biggest differences, in terms of both style and function.

Here we're talking about choices for floor & wall covering, lighting options,furniture & storage requirements and the brassware & accessory decisions that transform a relatively bare solution into a simply stunning stylish & accessible suite.

To find out more call us today on 0113 201 5030 to discuss your easy access mobility bathroom requirements with an experienced surveyor & designer.

Alternatively you can also book a free, no obligation, home survey appointment at a time convenient to you, or pop into our Leeds showroom anytime within our opening hours with no appointment necessary.

We've been helping people across the Yorkshire area revive their bathing independence for over fifty years, so whether you're in Denholme or Denby Dale, we're here to help & advice.

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