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Wet Room Ideas for Disabled People | More Ability

Published: 17 January 2019 · Last Updated: 9 February 2023

There are many options available to help increase safety in the bathroom, however these various wet room ideas for the disabled have to be the ultimate solution.

Statistics highlight the importance of bathroom safety with over 80% of all falls within the home occuring in this troublesome area. Sadly, introduce a disability, ailment or physical impairment into the situation and these statistics only worsen.

Wet Rooms for the Disabled

Wet rooms for disabled users are purposefully designed to meet the individual’s wants and needs. The size, shape and layout of a disabled wet room can be customised to suit the available space and the user or their carer if required. This makes them the only solution that can be totally bespoke and completely unique.

Complete Wet Room Ideas for Disabled

Aside from the core bathing solution in the form of a disabled wet room there are many additional fixtures and complimentary safety features you can include. For example, the installation of grab bars can be added to further protect the well-being of the user and their carer.

Here are other examples of wet room ideas for the disabled below.

1. High Rise WC / Comfort Height WC

A great addition to a disabled wet room is the inclusion of a high rise WC. This is also known as a comfort height WC. As the name would suggest, these particular WC’s are taller in height. This in turn helps the user with getting on and off as they require less ability to bend when lowering yourself onto the seat. Depending on your particular circumstance, we would always recommend accompanying this with rise and fall handrails at either side for added peace of mind, safety and stability.

2. Wall Hung Basin

A wall hung basin is a sneaky, yet perfect addition to a disabled wet room. This isn’t a specialist addition in terms of fixture benefits or features. However, a wall hung basin helps disabled users sit down as there is no intruding pedestal. Stylish and fully adaptable these basins can be set and installed at a particular height that is comfortable for the end user, whether stood or seated.

3. Shower Seat

What disabled wet room would be complete without a shower seat?

Safe, secure and fully adaptable for independent or assisted washing, a shower seat offers the most troublesome and stress-free bathing experience and there are many options available including:

  • Cushioned seat and backrest with arm support
  • Wall hung shower seat
  • Custom built shower bench

Now depending on your circumstances would influence which would be best for you however for a disabled user we would always recommend the cushioned seat as the safest and most secure.

4. Shower Doors

In addition to installing a shower seat in the wet area the incorporation of half height shower doors and a curtain offers a more dignified experience for both the user and the carer. Moreover, this should be considered whether assisted washing is required now or anticipated for the future. The added benefit is keeping the non-bather dry.

5. Anti-Slip Safety Flooring

Similar to the above, no disabled wet room would be finished without the inclusion of anti-slip safety flooring.

With many styles, colours and textures available, anti-slip vinyl is a disabled wet room must have as it offers complete peace of mind for the user, and their loved ones. This is especially important in this particularly unsafe, wet and troublesome area.

6. Wall Boards

For an easy to clean, ample choice and maintenance free options we would highly recommend the installation of wall boards, rather than tiles, in the wet area.

7. Grab bars

Finally, and as mentioned much higher up in this wet room ideas for the disabled article, the installation of grab bars, if nothing else, is one of the single biggest additions you can make to your wet room. Offering stability, security and complete peace of mind, grab bars make maneuvering around this wet and troublesome area safer and less risk infused.

By considering these complete wet room ideas for disabledyou can ensure that the installed solution is fully suitable for the users and their unique requirements. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information on disabled wet room design ideas.

More Ability, part of the Passmore Group, is Yorkshires only 5* rated bathroom adaptation company. Specialising in accessible, mobility and disabled bathroom solutions we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver from design right through to installation and after care. Whether you want a future proofed solution or require a more specialist adaptation in order to remain independent at home More Ability can help create a safe space to bathe for you or your loved ones.

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