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Accessible Wet Floor Showers For the Elderly.

Accessible wet floor showers for elderly people provide the ultimate stylish and safe showering experience for you and your loved ones.

Recognised as being the complete accessible bathroom solution, an accessible wet floor shower allows you to shower in comfort, in safety and with ease.

With an easily accessible wet floor shower opposed to a traditional tray or enclosure, the entire room becomes your accessible shower.  As a result of there bespoke & 'purpose built' properties, wet floor showers are the ideal future proofed solution due to there wide spread suitability, regardless of individual requirements.
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How Do Wet Floor Showers For The Elderly Work?

Our accessible wet floor showers for the elderly are designed to fit your available space.

Purpose built to meet your showering needs, a wet floor shower tray is built into the floor with a partition screen fitted to the wall to keep water under control and enclosed.

The design and installation of an accessible wet floor shower will:

> Make Showering Safer

> Offer Level Access Entry

> Provide Complete Peace Of Mind

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Wet Floor Showers For Elderly: Additional Safety Features.

Our range of stylish and accessible wet floor showers for the elderly are designed with a number of additional safety features including:

> Grab Rails

> A Built-In Shower Seat

> A Toughened Partition Screen

> Anti-Slip Flooring Or Safety Vinyl

At More Ability, we design each of our easily accessible wet floor showers to our customers individual wants, needs and requirements.

Full Design And Fit Of Accessible Wet Floor Showers For the Elderly.

At More Ability we take care of everything as part of our full design and fit service. Delivering consistent quality, our aim is to help you, or your loved ones, to shower safely, with dignity and in comfort.

We design each of our accessible wet floor showers for the elderly to meet individual wants, needs and requirements, ensuring that complete peace of mind comes as standard.

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Take Control Of Your Bathing Experience With An Accessible Wet Floor Shower.

If you'd like to discuss your showering needs and design requirements in more detail call a friendly member of our team today or book a design appointment online.

Alternatively, you can visit us at one of our showrooms, in Leeds and Harrogate where we have a number of stylish and accessible wet floor showers for the elderly on display.

More Ability, part of the Passmore Group, are Yorkshire’s only 5* rated bathroom adaptation company. Specialising in accessible, mobility and disabled bathroom solutions we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver from design right through to installation and after care.

Accessible Walk-In Shower FAQ's

What is an accessible wet floor shower, and how does it differ from traditional shower designs?

An accessible wet floor shower is a shower without a step or visible tray providing complete level entry. This concept is ideal for those wanting a stylish but accessible design as it offers a barrier-free showering experience.

Can an accessible wet floor shower be designed to match the aesthetics of the surrounding space while maintaining accessibility features?

Yes, accessible wet floor showers can be designed to align with the aesthetics of the room, while matching your personal preferences and style. The finishing touches are the key to ensuring a stylish and accessible shower room design, covering lighting, floor and wall coverings, storage, and furniture choices and brassware and accessories.

How can I ensure proper drainage and waterproofing in an accessible wet floor shower to prevent leaks and water damage?

Professional, knowledgeable, and experienced installation is essential to ensuring proper drainage and waterproofing. The floor should have a gentle slope toward the drain, and waterproof membranes should be used to prevent leaks.

Is it possible to integrate modern features and technology into an accessible wet floor shower design to enhance convenience and comfort?

Absolutely, complimenting any accessible finishing touches your wet floor shower can be designed to include niches for storage, SMART shower systems, and a wash and dry WC all of which will enhance the design, improve convenience, and increase independence.

Are there water-saving and eco-friendly options for fixtures in accessible wet floor shower designs?

Yes, water-saving showerheads, taps and faucets can be installed to reduce water consumption in addition to an array of eco-friendly bathroom lighting options for you to also consider.