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Disabled wet room refurbishment case study | Bradford | More Ability

Published: 20 October 2023

We recently completed a Disabled wet room and a rise and fall in Bradford for a client who had challenges with his previous bathing concept and manoeuvrability around his home. This case study takes you through our fully project-managed service and how we made his overall daily life easier.



Mr. Jabbar had been having problems with his existing bathroom concept which consisted of a wash and dry toilet, a bath, and the usual bathroom features. Alongside his family, they wanted a new

solution that would ultimately provide him with a suitably safe solution and make his daily life easier. They set out to explore the options that were available to them.


Searching the internet for companies within Yorkshire that specialise in delivering accessible bathrooms and mobility wet rooms. They came across our reputable bathroom solutions brand, More Ability, and contacted us with a view to gathering additional information.

Speaking to a member of our team, Mr Jabbar explained the challenges he was facing using the existing concept, some of the features in the bathroom like the WC that he wanted to retain and the idea of converting the bathroom into a wet room.

Mr. Jabbar was informed of the step-by-step process of our fully project-managed service, and our respectable history of delivering bath & shower room adaptations throughout Yorkshire. Happy with the information provided, Mr. Jabbar scheduled a free design appointment for one of our senior designers to go out to his home and take him through the initial stages of a new adaptable bathroom design.

Long-serving technical bathroom designer, Nigel, visited Mr Jabbar to conduct a thorough survey. Sitting down for an in-depth conversation, Mr Jabbar explained the recent challenges he was facing with the existing design.

Coming up with a few ideas prior, Mr Jabbar explained he wanted advice on the installation of a mobility wet room solution. In addition, Mr Jabbar and his family also wanted new flooring and wall fittings and for the design to be future-proofed, allowing for wheelchair access should it be required at a later date.

Aside from their ideas and suggestions for the disabled wet room design, Mr Jabbar and his family were keen for Nigel to provide his extensive advice on bathroom solutions, and to come up with a new concept for them which included their ideas and mobility requirements

With all this information in hand, Nigel proposed a concept that catered to Mr Jabbar’s needs and comfort. Nigel’s design included a disabled wet room with a fixed chair seat, WC and basin, with him also putting forward the idea of widening the bathroom door for ease of access. Other accessible bathroom features made up for the rest of the design including, ensuring the safety of Mr Jabbar and making his overall daily life easier.

Mr Jabbar and his family were absolutely delighted with Nigel’s design proposal, he had shown his expertise, integrated their ideas and requirements, and went above and beyond with his proposals to ensure the concept was perfect for Mr. Jabbar’s needs.

Nigel behind the design: - Mr Jabbar and his family were a delight to do a project for. They were transparent in the challenges Mr Jabbar was facing and if we could help to make his life easier. It turned out that there were a few things we could do. He wanted to retain his independence ultimately. So, we created the disabled wet room that he desired, with a chair and space for him to move around in. We also widened the door from the disabled wet room to where there was a rise-and-fall lift that would allow him to move around the house.

Keen to move on to the next part of the process Nigel invited them to our Leeds disabled bathroom showroom where he would present them with detailed CAD visuals of the proposed concept and scheduled an agreed appointment. The family were also handed a provisional quote for the work.

Forming the main part of his presentation Nigel showed Mr Jabbar and his family various CAD visuals of how the design would look finished, which absolutely thrilled the family.

Happy with how the process was coming together, Nigel then guided them around the showroom, to help them choose some of the final accessible bathroom features to help complete the design.

Once all the choices had been made, they proceeded to place an order and were given a provisional start date for the project.


Prior to the installation of the bathroom, Mr Jabbar was introduced to our bathroom surveyor Joe, who would oversee the project management of the new wet room to make sure that the installation ran smoothly.

Upon project start, our multi-skilled fitter Jack stripped out the existing bathroom concept. Replacing the existing bath was a disabled wet room solution with a fixed cushioned seat providing comfort for Mr Jabbar. Next to the seat two sets of shower heads were fit for Mr Jabbar, one by the side of the fixed chair and the other on the wall, providing him with another showering option.

A long shower curtain was fit for the user to retain privacy whilst using the space and independence. The wash and dry toilet from the previous design remained as a feature as it was still intact and facilitated the needs of Mr. Jabbar.

Forming part of the new disabled bathroom, a new comfortable height basin was fit, allowing access for a wheelchair user, further enhancing the independence of Mr Jabbar.

Concluding the disabled bathroom, refurbishment anti-slip vinyl flooring was fit ensuring the safety of Mr Jabbar whilst using the wet room and reducing the risk of a slip and fall. Anti-slip vinyl flooring is water resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

The door of the room was widened to allow wheelchair access into another room of the house, where a rise and fall lift was installed allowing Mr Jabbar to seamlessly go from the ground level to the upstairs safely and meaning that his independence would be retained.

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Senior Designer

Passmore’s second longest serving employee, Nigel has been with the company since 2001.

Nigel is a fully qualified Gas & Central Heating Engineer, who, before joining Passmore’s installed bathrooms and wet floor showers, using us as his supplier.

Nigel works directly with the MoreBathrooms and MoreAbility brands, surveying & designing bathroom works and solutions for the domestic home owner.

Nigel is also responsible for the Barnsley and Doncaster conurbation with regards to the public sector MoreAbility work. Managing relationships with the local council to deliver bespoke bathroom solutions for the elderly & disabled customer.

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