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What Is A Wash And Dry Toilet?

A wash and dry toilet is the sanitary ware solution of choice for people who struggle cleaning themselves.

Providing cleaning and drying assistance after primary use a wash and dry toilet features adjustable air and water temperatures that gently clean and dry your most intimate areas through the click of a button or remote control.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Wash & Dry Toilet?

In addition to providing assisted cleaning which in turn gives you back your independence and enhances personal hygiene a wash and dry toilet is typically taller in height which also makes getting on and off easier.

Furthermore a wash and dry toilet is usually installed to help improve and assist a number of health related conditions including:

> Arthritis

> Muscular Dystrophy

> Severe MS

> Parkinson Disease

> And Amputees

Although they are proven to enhance quality of life through promoting independent living, they are not strictly a solution for a disabled user. In fact, a wash and dry toilet is seen as a luxury bathroom fixture as it inevitably cleans better than using toilet paper.

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How Does A Wash And Dry Toilet Work?

Essentially a wash and dry toilet is a combination of a toilet, a bidet and a dryer all in one unit.

A wash and dry toilet works in a similar manner to a standard WC, whereby a user firstly sits on the toilet to carry out their ablutions. Once finished, and rather than using toilet paper, a user will follow these next steps:

1. Trigger A Mechanism To Start The Flush, Wash And Dry Process.

This will either be by using a remote control, or some units have their controls positioned behind the seat and can be activated by using your elbow.

2. Firstly The Flush Will Remove Bodily Waste From The Toilet Bowl

3.Once Removed The Douche Arm Will Automatically Extend To Provide The Wash Function.

4.The Douche Will Wash The Area And Can Be Programmed To Offer Varied Water Temperatures And Spray Patterns

5.After A Set Period Of Time The Douche Will Retract And The Dry Function Will Begin.

6.The Warm Air Dry Function Can Also Be Programmed And Tailored To Suit Temperature Preferences.

7. Once The Dry Function Finishes You Are Able To Get Of The Unit As Normal

It is important to note that although all shower toilets work in a similar manner they can vary slightly. For a quick product demonstration watch the 40 second animated video below.

Wash And Dry Toilet Requirements.

Due to the working mechanics of a wash and dry toilet there are a number of installation requirements that must be adhered to.

In order to function, a wash and dry toilet requires an electricity supply. As a result, new or additional cabling and appropriate fused spurs with RCD protection may be needed in compliance with appropriate regulations.

From a design point of view there are a number of specific user considerations that need to be discussed prior to installation including:

> Transfer Requirements (i.e. Are They Transferring From A Wheelchair, Hoist Or Frame)

> Toilet Height

> Seat Shape And Size

> Douche Position

> Long Term Adaptability

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Full Design And Installation Of A Wash And Dry Toilet.

At More Ability we offer a full design and fit service of disabled bathrooms and complimentary accessible bathroom design features including shower toilets.

To find out more about our full wash and dry toilet range you can call to speak with a friendly member of our team or visit us at one of our showrooms in Leeds or Harrogate to view a working model.

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