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Disabled Bathroom Solutions; designed & installed by More Ability

Our aim is to help you, or your loved ones, to remain independent within your own home.

At More Ability you'll discover a comprehensive range of bespoke disabled bathing solutions from height adjustable rise & fall baths, carer assisted hoist support systems, baths with automatic power assisted transfer seats, sensory bathing aids and much more besides.

So irregardless of any special or progressively changing needs you can be rest assured you'll find a solution that meets all your wants, needs and unique requirements.

Disabled Bathroom Solutions; designed & installed by More Ability

Fully height adjustable rise and fall baths are perfect for carer assisted bathing.

Enhancing the overall look and feel of the bathroom environment this particular disabled bathing solution is relatively discreet in appearance and offers a pleasurable bathing experience for both user and care giver.

Through the provision of providing a safe and comfortable working height less strain is put on the carers lower back leaving the user to enjoy a safer and more relaxing experience.

Disabled Bathroom Solutions; designed & installed by More Ability

Modern in design and functional in use, baths with automatic transfer seats offer the ultimate independent bathing solution for the disabled.

By far one of the simplest, safest & easiest baths to use in a domestic or residential care setting this particular modular systems allows for you or a loved one to bathe independently, with dignity and safety while remaining within the comforts of your own home.

Sometimes additional sensory therapeutic features are required in order to engage, increase enjoyment and ensure maximum safety.

These features may include coloured light therapy, music and air spa systems as well as aromatherapy options which can be added to an array of disabled bathing solutions or form part of a complete motion sensory bathing aid.

Disabled Bathroom Solutions; designed & installed by More Ability

Finally, mobile lifting hoist systems have been specifically designed to help ease day to day handling issues that arise within carer assisted bathing environments. Offering excellent flexibility for the carer these systems enable a user to be hoisted and lowered into a bathing solution in a dignified and secure position, promoting safety for all involved.

If this is a disabled bathing solution of interest you may also want to explore options that cater for complete bathroom mobility and maneuverability in the form of a track ceiling hoist.

These systems in particular can move, stretch and transfer a user from one area of a room to another which can create lift support to a carer giver whether helping & assisting with bathing, showering or specialist sanitary ware systems.

At More Ability, we manage the entire process from start to finish and during our 50 years in industry have helped hundreds of disabled people in and around Yorkshire bathe with dignity, comfort & safety.

If you'd like to speak with an experienced surveyor with regards to finding out more about our comprehensive range of bespoke disabled bathing solutions, call a friendly member of our team on 0113 201 5030 or visit us at our mobility bathroom showroom.

We also offer a free, no obligation, home survey appointment service which can be arranged for a time and date convenient you and your loved ones. So whether you're in Keighley or Knottingley our highly skilled team are ready and waiting to welcome you and your needs.

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