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At More Ability our aim is to help you, or your loved ones, to remain safe & independent within your own home with the design & installation of a disabled bath.

Specialist Baths For The Disabled.

Providing safety and independence for you or a loved one our disabled bathing solutions are designed and installed to improve safety and offer complete peace of mind.

At More Ability you'll discover a comprehensive range of specialist baths for the disabled including:

> Specialist Baths With Sensory Aids

> Height Adjustable Rise And Fall Assisted Baths

> Specialist Baths With Power Assisted Transfer Seats

Fully height adjustable rise and fall disabled baths are perfect for carer assisted bathing.  Enhancing the overall look and feel of the disabled bathroom environment this particular disabled bathing solution is relatively discreet in appearance and offers a pleasurable bathing experience for both user and care giver.

Height Adjustable Rise And Fall Assisted Baths.

Discreet in appearance, height adjustable rise and fall assisted baths are perfect for carer assisted bathing.

This powered assisted disabled bathing solution rises and falls to create a safe bathing height, putting less strain on the carers lower back.

Height adjustable rise and fall assisted baths are also:

> Available In A Range Of Standard Bath Sizes

> Positioned On A Hinged Platform For Easy Cleaning

Specialist Baths With Automatic Transfer Seats.

Modern in design and functional in use, power assistedspecialist baths with automatic transfer seats offer the ultimate independent bathing solution for the disabled.

This easy to use and safe bath allows for you or a loved one to bathe independently and within the comfort of your own home. In addition, specialist baths with automatic transfer seats also come with the following options:

> Detachable Seat Option

> Built In Obstacle Sensors

> Adjustable Bath Height Option

Sensory bathing solution
Modern in design and functional in use, disabled baths with automatic transfer seats offer the ultimate independent bathing solution for the disabled.  By far one of the simplest, safest & easiest disabled baths to use in a domestic or residential care setting this particular modular systems allows for you or a loved one to bathe independently,

Specialist Baths With Sensory Aids.

A sensory bathroom is a great way to reduce tension and anxiety, especially for those with dementia or emotional and behavioural difficulties.

When it comes to specialist baths for the disabled there is also the option to install sensory therapeutic features. These sensory aids include:

> Light And Colour Therapy

> Music And Air Spa Systems

> And Aromatherapy Options

For more information on sensory bathing solutions click here

Full Design And Fit Service Of Specialist Baths.

Providing a stress free and personalised experience we offer a full design and installation service on all our disabled bathing solutions.

Having helped hundreds of people to remain independent at home, if you wish to discuss your bathing requirements in more detail call us today or visit one of our disabled bathroom showrooms, located in Leeds or Harrogate.

Alternatively you can book a free design appointment online and discuss your requirements in the comfort of your own home.

More Ability, part of the Passmore Group, are Yorkshire’s only 5* rated bathroom adaptation company.

Specialising in accessible, mobility and disabled bathroom solutions we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver from design right through to installation and after care.

Disabled Bath FAQ's

Can a disabled bath be installed in a small bathroom, or is it best suited for larger spaces?

There are a several disabled bath options, all of which come in a range of sizes. Depending on your specific requirements, there ae disabled bath options that to accommodate different bathroom spaces and we can provide a suitable option that will fit smaller bathrooms if necessary.

Do disabled baths require a separate water heater or specific plumbing considerations for their therapeutic features?

While some therapeutic features like hydrotherapy may require additional plumbing considerations, we can assess your existing plumbing and provide solutions to ensure a seamless installation, which we will project manage from start to finish.

What types of therapy options can be added to a disabled bath to provide pain relief and relaxation for individuals with a disability?

Disabled baths can include therapeutic features like sensory aids, hydrotherapy, air jets, chromatherapy (colour therapy), and aromatherapy, all of which enhance relaxation and comfort for disabled users.

What measures can be taken to ensure that the water temperature in a disabled bath remains constant and safe?

Disabled baths come equipped with anti-scald technology as standard in order to maintain a safe water temperature, ensuring comfort and safety for users.

Can I request a home assessment to determine the best placement and design for a disabled bath that meets my specific needs?

Absolutely! We offer free design appointments as part of our full service offering. In the first instance an experienced designer will visit you at home to learn more about your bathing requirements. Following a detailed discussion and measuring of the existing space they will be able to offer expert help and advice and provide guidance on the most suitable disabled bath option to meet your needs.

Do disabled baths come with built-in seating options, and how do these benefit disabled users?

The majority of disabled baths come with a built-in seating option. Providing comfort and support during bathing, there are several seat options including detachable seats and powered assisted transfer seats.