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Accessible Bathroom Sanitary Ware.

There are several accessible bathroom sanitary ware options available that help to ensure your suite is safe and comfortable to use whilst still being stylish.

Sanitary ware options include:

> Comfort Height Toilets And Basins

> Height Adjustable Basins

> Shower Toilets

These fixtures come in a variety of styles and designs, lending themselves to personal tastes alongside individual requirements.

Comfort Height Toilets And Basins.

Comfort Height Toilets

Also known as raised height toilets, comfort height toilets are taller in height than a traditional sized toilet, which makes getting on and off much easier and safer.

Comfort Height Basins

Comfort height basins are also taller in height than a traditional basin, making them an ideal solution for those who have difficulty bending as a raised height basin puts less strain on the lower back.

Both comfort height toilets and raised height basins look identical to standard bathroom sanitary ware with the height difference, usually 5 cm, remaining unseen to the naked eye.

Firstly raised height WC’s make getting on and off the toilet much easier and safer, whereas raised height basins reduce the need to bend over and ease the amount of strain put on your back.  Both look identical to standard bathroom sanitary ware with the height difference remaining unseen to the naked eye.

Height Adjustable Basins.

Height adjustable basins can be manually adapted to suit the height of the individual user.

Powered by a remote control, height adjustable basins are a popular accessible bathroom sanitary ware option for:

> Wheelchair Users

> Multi-Generational Bathrooms

> Homes Occupied By People With Ranging Abilities

For more information and to discover our range of specialist basins visit our disabled basin page.

Height adjustable washbasins are the perfect solution if you use the bath or shower room while seated, or in a wheelchair. The most bespoke bathroom sanitary ware solution available they allow you to automatically adjust the height to suit your own needs.

Shower Toilets.

Providing additional cleaning and drying support a shower toilet, or wash and dry toilet, is a great option for those with limited mobility.

Available in a range of styles shower toilets can be used to add an element of luxury and support to an accessible bathroom design. For more information visit our dedicated wash and dry toilet page or call a friendly member of our team.

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Accessible Bathroom Sanitary Ware Alternatives.

If you don’t want to invest in fixed accessible bathroom sanitary ware, there are less permanent alternatives that can also provide additional safety in your bathroom. Options include:

Raised Plinths

Raised plinths are fitted at the base of existing bathroom sanitary ware. They allow traditional toilets and pedestal basins to be raised to a comfortable height for increased safety and ease of use.

Toilet Lifters

Toilet lifters fit over existing WC’s and assist those who struggle to bend at the hip or knee by providing support from standing height to sitting.

Full Accessible Bathroom Sanitary Ware Design And Fit Service.

Offering a full design and installation service our experienced team of senior designers are always on hand to help and advise you on our full range of accessible bathroom sanitary ware.

Displaying a range of sanitary ware solutions at our showrooms in Leeds and Harrogate, if you’re ready to find the perfect solution that will compliment your accessible bathroom design call a friendly member of our team today or book a design appointment online.

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