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There are a number of subtle stylish and accessible sanitary ware (toilet and basin) amenities available that will increase your bathroom comfort making it safer and easier to use.

Similarly these fixtures come in a variety of styles and designs, lending themselves to personal tastes as well as individual requirements.

Firstly raised height WC’s make getting on and off the toilet much easier and safer, whereas raised height basins reduce the need to bend over and ease the amount of strain put on your back.

Both look identical to standard bathroom sanitary ware with the height difference remaining unseen to the naked eye. They’re equally easy to install, look great and are a perfect additional safety feature to any bathroom adaptation.

Secondly raised plinths are an alternative, & cheaper solution, whereby the plinth is fitted at the base of existing sanitary ware which allows a traditional toilet or standard basin & pedestal to be raised to a comfortable, bespoke, height for increased ease of use and safety.

Safe & accessible sanitary ware; for ease of use & comfort

As well as raising the height of basins you can also reduce them.

Known as a low level basin unit this requires setting (installing) them lower than a standard fitting, making them easily accessible for a wheel chair user. Depending on your existing basin and pipe work any standard wall hung basin could potentially be positioned to height subtle for your own personal wants, needs and requirements.

Safe & accessible sanitary ware; for ease of use & comfort

Finally height adjustable washbasins are the perfect solution if you use the bath or shower room while seated, or in a wheelchair.

The most bespoke sanitary ware solution available they allow you to automatically adjust the height to suit your own needs, or simply get closer to the basin to wash in comfort.

Due to the nature of these basins they are great as they suit all needs, they can be set to a standard height for those who are more abled and then adjusted for those who require a little more help so if you live a multi-generational and multi-purpose home this could be the sanitary ware solution for you!

Safe & accessible sanitary ware; for ease of use & comfort

The second biggest decision you will need to make with regards to your complete bath or shower room adaptation project we encourage you to explore all your sanitary ware options in detail.

Be mindful of what you struggle with and where, focus of these key problems and seek a solution that will improve your bathing experience.

Remember, we’re always on hand to offer free & impartial help and advice so please feel free to call to discuss your requirements with a surveyor on 0113 201 5030, arrange your home survey by booking an online appointment or by visiting our showroom.

We’ve been adapting bath & shower rooms for over 50 years so you can be rest assured you’re in great hands with us.

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