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Design Tips For Disabled Bathrooms | More Ability

Published: 29 July 2021 · Last Updated: 17 November 2022

The installation of a disabled bathroom can help to improve bathing safety and independence and or assist carers with providing a comfortable bathing experience.

Although disabled bathrooms consist of specialist bathing solutions, there are several design ideas and top washing aids for people with disabilities you can implement to create a safe and stylish bath or shower room.

Whether you choose to renovate your old suite into a new disabled bathroom or wish to improve the safety and design of your current bathroom, we’ve put together our top design tips for disabled bathrooms.

Choose the best bathing option for you

There are a wide range of disabled shower and disabled bath options to suit your bathing needs. When offering design tips for disabled bathrooms we always recommend choosing the bathing option that will allow you to bathe safely and comfortably. Bathing options include:

Disabled Wet Rooms

Turning your entire room into a showering area, the installation of a disabled wet room is a great way to make the most of available bathing space, particularly for those who have small bathrooms.

Disabled Showers

There are a variety of disabled shower options available, created to meet individual design wants and bathing needs:

Wheelchair Accessible Disabled Showers

Providing enough space for wheelchair access, wheelchair-accessible disabled showers are large in size and consist of a level access non-slip shower tray with wide opening doors that open from a central point.

Carer Assisted Disabled Showers

Carer assisted disabled showers include a level access non-slip shower tray and are enclosed by half-height bi-folding doors, allowing the carer to comfortably bathe whilst keeping shower water in. An optional shower curtain can also be installed for additional privacy.

Level Access Mobility Showers

A great alternative when space is limited or for those that don’t require wheelchair access or carer support Level access mobility showers typically consist of a smaller non-slip shower tray enclosed behind full or half-height doors.

Specialist baths for the disabled

Consisting of height adjustable rise and fall baths, disabled baths with automatic power assisted transfer seats and carer assisted hoist support systems, there is a variety of disabled baths available to assist with your bathing needs.

Specialist baths for the disabled are also available in a range of specifications and sizes with the option to include sensory aids.

Top Washing Aids For People With Disabilities

To further enhance your disabled bathroom design and increase user safety we recommend you consider all your options with regards to the finishing touches and offer our thoughts below for our top washing aids for people with disabilities.

Install grab rails around your bathroom

When asked for design tips for disabled bathrooms we always recommend the installation of grab rails. Easy to install, grab rails can be fit around the bathroom to help with stability and mobility and are often a necessity within disabled bathrooms.

Available in a range of sizes and finishes including chrome, grab rails can improve both safety and style within the bathroom. To find out more about grab rails, take a read of our bathroom grab rails buying guide.

Improve bathing comfortably with a fixed shower seat

As mentioned within the shower safety features above, when installing a disabled shower room we always recommend including a fixed built-in shower seat with a cushioned seat, armrests and leg supports to improve bathing comfort, safety and support.

Install the right disabled sanitaryware for your needs

As the most used item in any bathroom, we always recommend the installation of the right toilet and basin for your needs.

Available in a range of designs, disabled toilet options include auto bidet, wash and dry toilets, height powered disabled toilets and comfort height toilets.

To find out more about disabled toilets options read our disabled toilets accessories article.

There is also a variety of disabled basin design options available to assist with safety and independence when using the bathroom including rise and fall disabled basins, low height disabled basins and curved disabled basins. These basins can also be installed with easy turn lever and or infra-red touch free taps helping you to run water with minimal strain.

Make The Most Of Colour Schemes

Finally, and to compliment a disabled bathroom design, we encourage you to make the most of colour schemes. Light colours such as beiges and whites can make any bathroom feel light and airy, whilst adding a pop of colour can give your bathroom personality.

There is also a variety of accessible wallboards, slip-resistant tiles, and anti-slip vinyl flooring options available helping to add colour and texture to your bathroom whilst improving bathroom safety.

To find out more about disabled basin options read our disabled basin guide.

If you wish to gather further Design Tips For Disabled Bathrooms or to find out more information about our full design and fit service please call a friendly member of our team or book a free design appointment online.

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