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Disabled Toilet Accessories | More Ability

Published: 14 April 2021

We are often asked which toilets -the most used item in any bathroom - are best for disabled users.

Available in a range of designs, disabled toilets assist with safety and comfort and help users to independently use the bathroom.

Breaking down the types of disabled toilets and the availability of disabled toilet accessories available, this article aims to help you to choose what is best for you and or a loved one, whether you wish to go through a full bathroom renovation or make a few small safety changes within your bathroom.

Disabled Toilets

When considering the most suitable disabled toilet or disabled toilet accessories for you or a loved one we always recommend you consider your mobility needs now and how they may change in the coming years and match the problem and solution accordingly.

Once identified your options for disabled toilets include:

Auto bidet wash and dry toilets

A smart option for those who struggle with mobility but want to keep or gain more independence, upon using the toilet, Auto bidet wash and dry toilets clean and dry the user’s intimate area with water and air controlled by a button or remote control.

If you struggle with mobility we also often recommend the installation of anti-slip vinyl flooring to help to avoid any unfortunate slips or falls.

Height Powered Disabled Toilets

Designed to help users comfortably get on and off the toilet, height powered disabled toilets are available as tilt powered or full rise powered and help users to sit down and get up off the toilet by raising the seat to a raised angle or raising and lowering the user through the control of a button.

Comfort Height Toilets

Taller in height than traditional toilets, comfort height toilets - also known as raised height toilets - minimise joint strain as users don’t have to bend as far down.

If you wish to install a comfort height toilet you may wish to also install a comfort height basin, more information on disabled basin options can be found in our disabled basin guide.

Disabled Toilet Accessories

If you have a multi-generational home and don’t wish to permanently change your bathroom, disabled toilet accessories can help disabled and or elderly loved ones to use the toilet without affecting usability for others.

Find out more on how you can adapt your home in our guide to Adapting your home for an elderly parent.

Disabled Toilet Lifters

Fitting over your existing toilet, toilet lifters provide support for users to get on and off the toilet without creating joint strain on the hip and or knees.

Raised Plinths

Raised plinths add additional height to your existing toilet making it easier for users to use the toilet without having to bend as far down.

Disabled Raised Toilet Seats

Raised Toilet Seats are plastic seats that fit directly onto your existing toilet bowl. Like raised plinths, they add additional height to your toilet and tend to come in three different sizes of 2”, 4” and 6”.

Soft Close toilet Lids

A little-considered disabled toilet accessory to many, soft close toilet lids close more slowly than traditional toilet lids and can help to avoid any trapped fingers.

Grab Rails

Often suggested when recommending disabled toilet accessories, grab rails and or folding grab rails can be fitted next to your disabled toilet to help with balance and stability.

To find out more about grab rail options read our Bathroom rails buying guide.

Toilet Bidet Attachments

Also fitting to your existing bowl, toilet bidet attachments clean your intimate areas with fresh water through the touch of a button attached to the side of your toilet bowl. They can easily be attached and detached when required.

Disabled Toilet Alarm

Setting up a disabled toilet alarm can help you or a loved one to get additional assistance if an emergency occurs and or when required by activating an alarm upon pulling the cord.

If you wish to gather further information about disabled toilets and disabled toilet accessories or to find out more information about our full design and fit service please call a friendly member of our team or book a free design appointment online.

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