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Assisted showering solutions for long term care settings

25 September 2015

Specially crafted assisted showering solutions are ideal for those in long term care settings whether that be at home, in residential care or a hospital environment. Offering superior levels of versatility, practicality and safety, assisted walk-in showers and assisted wet floor showers are the ultimate disabled showering solution.

Recent innovations mean that ‘live at home care’ is now more feasible. Not too long ago assisted showering solutions were kept for care homes and hospital settings. There simple wasn’t enough demand in the domestic market to make these products more readily available.

However with independent living and multi-generation homes fast becoming an emerging trend as a result of people living longer and wanting to do so at home developments within the market had to be made to cater for this customer type.

Assisted Walk-In Shower Solutions

Walk-in showers can be installed in two ways, either with a tray built into the floor allowing level access or using a raised tray with ramp access. Ultimately both options make it easy for someone to wheel in & out if required however for zimmer access a wet floor shower may be a preferred solution - it purely depends on your level of mobility.

The trays that are used are available in a number of sizes meaning whatever size of space/room you are working with a walk-in shower would be a fitting solution. Similarly, the half-height bi-fold doors come in a number of sizes as they need to surround the tray. The bi-fold doors allow for assisted washing and an additional shower curtain can be installed for privacy.

For additional safety all assisted showering options are installed with a thermostatic shower mixer, shower seat with supported arm rests and supportive grab rails. The surrounding walls can either be wall boarded or tiled for a more aspirational look and feel.

Assisted Wet Floor Shower Solutions

A more aspirational looking solution, purely down to the nature of the design - that being the whole room becomes a shower. An assisted wet floor shower is typically enclosed with half height bi-fold doors, to allow for assisted washing however an additional shower curtain can be installed for privacy.

The level access flooring is covered in slip resistant vinyl allowing easy and safe access whether wheeling, zimmering or walking in & out.

For further safety and aspiration, wet floor shower solutions can also be installed with all the same assisted showering features as the walk-in shower including thermostatic controls, shower seat, grab rails and decorative wall boards and/or tiles.

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