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Wet Rooms & Wet Floor Showers – the nation’s favourite mobility showering solution

12 March 2015

The nations favourite showering solution; Wet Rooms & Wet Floor Showers are quick, easy, lends itself to any style and is accommodating to all forms of personal taste can also be adapted with additional features to make it safe & practical.

In recent years we have seen a real shift towards independent living solutions whereby companies are assisting consumers in achieving this goal by investing in innovative product research & development initiatives.

A number of years ago bathroom solution companies, home improvement companies and bathroom manufactures recognised there was a need for safe & stylish solutions in the domestic market. People are living longer due to improved health and in doing so are wanting to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. However the look and appearance of these solutions is just as important as the problem they are solving - A bathroom / shower room improvement & refurbishment purchase is still an inspirational design led purchase whatever the need; age, mobility, disability etc.

Whether you opt for a Wet Room or a Wet Floor Shower the fundamental elements to how these showering solutions work are the same. The differentiator, which will lead you to your decision, will depend on you, what you want to achieve, in terms of design, and your needs with regards to what problem you are trying to solve.

How do they differ & how do they work?

Wet Room - where the whole room becomes the shower – everything is sealed and tanked with a sloped floor to allow for draining meaning there is no need for an enclosure however an open / accessible glass screen or partician is desired to stop you getting a soggy toilet seat.

Wet Floor Shower – an area of a room is dedicated and concealed to your showering rituals which is usually concealed by a glass enclosure. Again to ensure the area is water tight it is built with a sloped floor for which is tanked for drainage.

What are the options?

Whether you set your heart on a Wet Room or a Wet Floor Shower both options are installed using slip resistant tiles or vinyl floor & wall coverings (depending on budget) meaning the choice of colours, tones and textures are endless. You will also have the choice of shower head, shower mixers & shower valves and all the additional shower room fixtures (toilet, basin & taps) and accessories / finishing touches (lighting, heating, mirrors, storage etc).

To add to the safe element either options can be installed with additional features such as a built in seat or a bench, if looking to achieve ultimate aspirational safety, accompanied by chrome hand rails. If you opt for a Wet Floor Shower solution you will also have the added choice of enclosures, glass screens, shower curtains or patricians which come in a large variety of styles & shapes.

Before making any decision we highly recommend speaking to a specialist who will help access your needs by understanding your problem before offering you the right solutions. They should also incorporate the aspirational elements you are also wanting to achieve in the design of your new shower room. Due to the nature of this showering solution it is paramount it is also installed properly to avoid any leaks and water damage - a full service design & installation company is desired.

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