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Accessible wet floor shower installation case study | Sheffield | More Ability

Published: 8 February 2024

Discover the range of expertise we display, delivering our full design and fit service and refurbishing a client's bathroom into a lovely revamped accessible wet floor shower.

In this case study, we dive into the project and break down how we managed to meet the customer’s needs and requirements and enhance their showering experience.



Mr Bower had a modern bathroom design in Sheffield. It was a modern design providing a few bathing options as part of the design including an enclosed shower and a bath.

Consisting as part of the design was a bidet, a basin, and a toilet, with the entire bathroom fully tiled.

Unfortunately, his bathroom wasn’t working entirely well for him, and he wanted to see if changes could be made to improve his bathing by finding a bathroom solutions company that could help him. He had previously been made aware of our bathroom solutions brand More Ability, our service offering, and the range of solutions we’re able to deliver.


Mr Bower contacted us to gather more information on our expertise, and service details.

Talking to our Showroom consultant Leanne, Mr Bower explained to her that she was having difficulty with the existing design that he had in his apartment. The step that led into his shower was too high causing him difficulty in getting in and out of the shower. He also wanted to remove the bath to allow more space for a new solution.

Mr Bower wanted to see what we could do and look at the possibilities that are available to solve his problem. He had come up with the idea of potentially having a level-access shower, however, he wanted to be advised further by an expert.

In response to Mr Bower, Leanne confirmed that this was part of our remit of works and then talked him through our full design and fit service, which seemed like the kind of service that he was after.

He was keen to be booked in for a free design appointment. Leanne scheduled him to be visited by our experienced designer Garry who would go through the first stages of designing a new comfortable bathroom concept.

Mr Bower was visited by Garry at his home. He took him to his existing bathroom where Garry went around and took measurements of the concept.

The two of them then sat down to go through in detail the problems Mr Bower was facing, go through ideas he had, and look at the list of available possibilities, with the hope of finding a new solution.

In agreement with the notes Garry had provided by Leanne, Mr Bower explained that he was facing difficulties when it came to stepping into his shower due to his decreasing mobility. He also had a bath installation that was part of the bathroom, but he was more open to having it removed.

Thinking about his bathing dilemma he had thought about the future and wanted to re-design his bathroom design and look to have extra accessible bathroom features to make his life easier.

He had some thoughts about having a level access shower installation as the new design but wanted Garry’s knowledge to help find the best solution going forward.

Garry considered Mr Bowers's suggestions and proposed a unique Accessible wet floor shower.

The design included 2 Corian benches that were on either side of the shower screen. Wall boarding was mentioned to go inside the shower area, and the rest of the room remained tiled. The entire floor was to be fitted with anti-slip vinyl flooring. This would ensure his safety in the bathroom.

Mr Bower liked the sound of Garry’s suggestions. He had managed to create a design that took care of Mr Bower’s problems and included future-proofed features that would keep him safe, which he was delighted with.

Garry behind the design - ‘Mr Bowers's shower was causing him some challenges and he wanted us to create a solution that would consider the future. That’s why we made an accessible wet floor shower, it is a bathroom solution that is suitable for his needs right now and would still be able to cater to his needs in the future.'

Mr. Bower was then given a provisional quote for the project and was keen to move on to the next stage of our fully project managed service. Garry arranged a second appointment to visit him with CAD images to help him visualise how the new bathroom would look.

At the second appointment, Mr Bower was presented with a range of CAD visuals, which he was happy with. Garry then went through with him a list of accessible design features that he could have fit into his new bathroom design.

Happy with the way how the project was taking shape, Mr Bower then proceeded to place an order with us to carry out the rest of his project.

Before the beginning of his bathroom project, he was introduced to our bathroom surveyor Joe who would be the first point of contact alongside our multi-skilled fitter to ensure that the bathroom installation would run smoothly.

Zbi our multi-skilled fitter stripped Mr Bower’s shower completely and as per the plans of the new accessible shower room concept, he transformed it into a future-proofed accessible wet floor shower.

The existing bathroom design had been opened up and replaced with an accessible wet floor shower. There was a wall that came out slightly and as per Garry’s design, they built around it creating two areas in the shower area.

On one side there was the showering area Mr Bower would use, and installed was a beige Corian bench with a white top bench finish, giving him the option to sit while showering. It is an excellent future-proofed shower feature as it would cater to any potential needs or challenges, he may face with his mobility.

There was a glass flipper screen that was installed, that would give a clear separation of areas in the shower room. This would help to keep the water maintained in one area of the room.

Another Corian bench was installed on the other side of the screen matching the design of the other in the shower area. This would be a huge help to Mr Bower as it would help with his mobility challenges as the second Corian bench gives him the option to use as a dressing an drying area.

Keeping in line with the beige theme that dominated the design, wall boarding was fit on either side of the shower installation, which would make life easier for Mr Bower as they are easy to clean, therefore, requiring less maintenance.

Further enhancing the safety and catering to the accessible requirements of Mr Bower. Anti-slip vinyl flooring was fit around the whole showering area, reducing the risk of Mr Bower slipping or falling inside the newly refurbished shower. This would also make his daily life easier as the non-slip flooring is water-resistant and easy to clean.

With the help of our team, we managed to help Mr Bowers by re-designing his bathroom into an accessible showering concept. With an eye for the future, we had put in some accessible features in place that would ensure his safety inside his new concept.

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Garry is an experienced bathroom surveyor and designer having worked in and around the industry for 28 years; gaining invaluable experience whilst at bathroom specialist’s; Norwood & Porcelanosa.

Showing a keen interest in design & technical drawing from an early age Garry ‘fell’ into surveying bathrooms as a result of wanting to make the most of his natural abilities which involved a creative flare for design.

At Passmore’s Garry works directly with the MoreBathrooms & MoreAbility brands, surveying & designing bathroom works and solutions for the domestic homeowner.

Garry will also work alongside Paul Tarbard managing the showroom ensuring the latest products and designs are on display.

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