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Shower With a Seat Options | More Ability

29 October 2020

If you’re starting to struggle with your existing bathroom or shower room due to issues with mobility, then the installation of a shower with a seat is a quick an easy way to assist with bathing support and increase safety.

There’s a range of sit down shower designs available, and a shower with a seat can help you maintain independence without having to change your overall design - for example, you can keep your existing sanitary ware if preferred.

To help you choose which shower with a seat is right for you, it’s important to fully consider your mobility requirements, alongside the design and size of your shower. This is the case whether you are considering installing a new shower with a built-in shower seat or want to build a seat into your existing shower.

Built In Shower Seats

Built in shower seats allow you to rest your legs while bathing and are available in a variety of designs, at a range of different price points. Although portable seat options are available, we always recommend built in shower seats because the wall fixture helps provide additional safety and support.

Fold Away Built In Shower Seats

Best suited for multi-generational bathrooms, fold away shower seats provide users with the option to stand or sit when showering.

The ability to fold this built in shower seat against the wall means it doesn’t take up any additional showering space when not being used.

Fold away shower seats are available in a range of colours and designs and can be installed in the majority of showers.

Fixed Built In Shower Seats

Fixed seats are best suited for users with additional mobility requirements. They are a permanent fixture within the shower and provide additional comfort and superior support.

We always recommend fixed built in shower seats when installing disabled showers: their enhanced safety features include a cushioned seat, arm rests and leg supports, meaning they can hold more weight.

Bespoke Built Corian Shower Benches

Often found in accessible bathrooms, corian benches are a bespoke built option that allow users to comfortably shower whilst seated without taking away the aesthetically pleasing design.

Corian benches are also bespoke in the sense that they are ‘purpose built’ to fit the available shower space. This means they can be installed in most spaces where a shower with a seat is preferred. Another great feature of the corian bench is that they are low maintenance and easy to clean due to their wipe-able surface.

Sit Down Shower Designs

As well as deciding which type of built in shower seat is best for you and your bathing requirements, you’ll also need to consider the type of shower you would like to install. Similarly there are many options for you to explore, all of which vary in design and added safety features.

Level Access Shower With Seat

One of the most popular options when it comes to sit down showers, a level access shower with a seat consists of a non-slip shower tray that is sunk into the floor, providing its level access design.

A perfect mobility bathroom alternative, a level access shower with seat eliminates the requirement for you to step over a bath side or up into a raised shower tray and can be combined with any of the above built in shower seats options.

Furthermore, and particularly important if you require assistance while bathing or showering, a level access shower with seat can also be installed with half height shower doors and the option of a shower curtain for additional privacy.

Walk-In Accessible Shower With Seat

A walk-in accessible shower is the perfect bath replacement and can be installed with or without a built in shower seat. Often installed as an initial safer bathing solution when preliminary struggles with mobility and balance first start to arise, walk-in easy access showers mix accessibility and aesthetics with ease.

Open at one end and available in low level or level access designs, a walk-in accessible shower can easily be further adapted with either a fixed and fold away built in shower seat if required.

Accessible Wet Floor Shower With Seat

Similar to walk-in easy access showers, accessible wet floor showers for the elderly can be installed with or without a built in shower seat.

Offering a completely level access design in a stylish and accessible concept, wet floor showers for elderly consist of a shower tray that is built into the floor and covered with either anti-slip vinyl flooring or slip resistant tiles.

Featuring a partition screen that is fitted to the wall to keep dispersal of water under control, this particular accessible shower solution can be installed with either a bespoke corian bench, fixed or fold away shower seat option.

Disabled Wet Rooms

Disabled wet rooms make full use of your available space by turning the whole room into a shower. This makes the overall layout safer and easier to navigate, which is particularly important if you’re confined to a wheelchair.

Due to user requirements of this particular shower solution, it’s paramount that a number of additional safety features, including the installation of a fixed cushioned built in shower seat, is included in the design.

We hope you found our article covering your shower seat options informative. If you wish to further discuss any of the shower with seat ideas in more detail call a friendly member of our team.

Alternatively you can also book a free design appointment online or visit one of our showrooms located in Leeds and Harrogate.

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