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Stylish Design Tips For Accessible Bathrooms | More Ability

Published: 18 February 2021 · Last Updated: 12 October 2022

As an ageing population, at some point, we may look to improve the accessibility of our bathrooms to ensure we can continue to bathe in comfort and safety but without compromising on style.

Known for our safe and stylish accessible bathroom designs, we are often asked to incorporate stylish design tips for accessible bathrooms within our full design and fit service. Due to such popular demand, we have put together our best practice design ideas, along with some simple changes you can make, to take back control of your bathing in a safe, stylish setting.

1) Make The Most Of Your Available Space.

When asked for stylish design tips for accessible bathrooms, the first element we recommend you consider is your bathroom layout.

Whilst your bathroom size may dictate your choice and size of fixtures and fittings, you should always ensure you are making the most of the space you have available. Doing so may result in the ability to install a bigger shower, making the overall space feel more stylish and accessible.

Accessible Shower vs Easy Access Bath

Although we all love the freedom of being able to choose between enjoying a quick shower or long soak in the bath, we urge you to consider whether, long term, you need both options.

Our range of accessible showers includes walk-in accessible showers and accessible wet floor showers. Designed with easy access in mind, both options can make your bathroom feel stylish with the addition of a range of accessible bathroom design finishes.

Alternatively, providing you have space, easy access baths are available in a range of shapes and sizes and allow you to use the bath without having to step over the side.

Not sure which one to choose? Read our guide on how to choose between a walk-in bath or shower!

2) Choose The Best Accessible Sanitary Ware For Your Needs

When considering design tips for accessible bathrooms, another important factor to consider is accessible sanitary ware. Development over the years has meant there is now a range of sanitary ware options available that improve safety without taking away from your bathroom’s design. Accessible sanitary ware choices include:

Comfort Height Toilets

Helping the user to get on and off the toilet safely and more comfortably, comfort height toilet seats are taller in height than traditional sized toilets.

The height difference is invisible to the eye so won’t be noticeable to any additional users.

Wash And Dry Toilets

A smart option for those who struggle with cleaning themselves. Wash and dry toilets feature adjustable air and water temperatures that gently clean and dry your intimate areas through the click of a button or remote control. They are now available in sleek compact designs.

What Makes A Toilet Accessible?

Depending on the degree of accessibility that is required, which is wholly dependent on the end user and their individual wants, needs, and requirements, will determine the amount of work that is involved to make a toilet accessible.

As a minimum an accessible toilet should include a toilet that is above average height, which can be achieved through the installation of a comfort height toilet, a raised plinth or toilet lifter, and be accompanied by accessible safety features, such as grab bars or a drop-down toilet support rail.

If you’re a wheelchair user however then your accessible toilet requirements will be much more detailed than someone who is seeking a solution to help, make getting on and off the toilet easier. For more information, including requirements, size, dimensions, and layout read our comprehensive article on disabled toilets.

Comfort Height Basins

Similar to comfort height toilets, comfort height basins are taller in height than traditional basins. They are a smart option for those who have difficulty bending.

3) Choose Modern Accessible Safety Features

Adding the perfect finishing touch to your accessible bathroom design, when providing design tips for accessible bathrooms people are often surprised to find out the installation of safety features doesn’t have to affect the overall design of your bathroom and that in fact, they can add to it!

Grab Rails

Available in a variety of materials, designs and finishes grab rails can be fit in any area of your bathroom to help to provide additional mobility support.

Grab rails can be purchased at a relatively low price point (dependent on your choice) and can be quickly and easily installed – we recommend however always getting a professional to install the grab rails to ensure it is done correctly.

Our Designer’s Choice

The sleek design of waved chrome grab bars adds style to any bathroom - they are a great future safety solution that can be added at any stage of mobility.

Learn more about bathroom rails and where they can be placed in our bathroom grab rails buying guide.

Shower Seats

Another great option to help with bathroom accessibility is shower seats: they can be fit within your current shower or as an additional safety feature to your new walk-in or wet floor shower.

Available as either a fixed or foldable seat they give the user the option to rest their legs when showering helping to avoid any nasty slips or falls that can occur from losing balance.

Our Designer’s Choice

We love the design of bespoke fitted Corian benches. Great for use by the whole family they add a contemporary feel to any shower or bathroom.

4) Opt for Stylish Finishing Touches

When choosing your accessible bathroom design you will need to consider what is best for both your design wants and accessibility needs.

Light Colours

We have found that whites, beiges and greys are a popular choice. Their minimal designs add a modern touch whilst helping to bounce light around the room making it feel more spacious.

Bright Colours

If you wish to add personality to your accessible bathroom consider brighter primary colours or if you have a small bathroom the installation of a patterned feature wall.

To find out more about bathroom colour schemes read our Bathroom colour guide by our Sister company More Bathrooms.

Wall And Floor Coverings

Whilst deciding your bathroom colour scheme you will need to consider which wall and floor coverings you will use to incorporate your colour choice.

When selecting wall coverings for accessible bathrooms we often recommend the installation of accessible wallboards. A great low maintenance option, wallboards are available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Available in a variety of materials, tiles are also a great design option as they can help to add depth to any bathroom, they do however require more cleaning and upkeep than wallboards.

When choosing bathroom flooring, we often recommend the installation of anti-slip vinyl flooring as it is hard wearing and low maintenance. If you wish to however install slip-resistant tiles they are available in a range of sizes and designs.

Our Designer’s Choice

Our current favourite finishing touch choice is marble effect wallboards. Not only are they much easier to clean and cheaper than real marble, but they also add a modern twist to any bathroom.

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