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Guide To Easy Access Walk-In Showers | More Ability

Published: 16 June 2021 · Last Updated: 25 January 2023

As time passes many of us struggle to step into the bath.

As popular direct replacements for baths, easy access walk-in showers, also known as walk-in accessible showers, offer a bathing solution that is both stylish and safe, allowing you to bathe comfortably whilst adding to your bathroom’s overall design.

This article answers everything you need to know if you’re considering installing an easy access walk-in shower.

What is an easy access walk-in shower?

With the clue in in the name, easy access walk-in showers are open-ended showers that conceal water with a glass screen, allowing users to walk straight in.

They consist of an anti-slip tray which is typically 40mm high, but for the purpose of easy access it is desirable to opt for a 25mm high tray.

Is an easy access walk-in shower right for me?

Depending on your design wants and most importantly your bathing safety needs, there are several benefits and drawbacks to installing an easy access walk in shower.

The main factors you will need to consider can be seen below:

Easy access walk-in shower benefits

- There are several additional stylish safety features that can be added toan easy access walk in shower installation to future proof your suite for later in life, including;

  • Wall mounted foldable shower seats giving you the option for you to rest your legs when bathing.
  • Chrome grab bars, assisting with your mobility within the shower and around your shower room.
  • Thermostatic shower controls, ensuring the water doesn’t go past a certain temperature. This helps to avoid any scalding or burns

- Available in a wide range of tray sizes, easy access walk-in showers can be fit in most bathroom spaces and are often an easy direct replacement for an existing bath. So, if you’re struggling to use the bath, you can remove it without it affecting the layout and design of the rest of your bathroom. An added bonus is they are lower maintenance and easier to clean!

- Similarly, easy access walk-in showers are also available in a range of shapes and styles allowing you to find the perfect fit for you and your bathroom. Shapes available include rectangle, curved, P-shaped (also known as keyhole) and recessed. You can also opt for a right, left or dual side access design.

Easy access walk-in shower drawbacks

Whilst there are several easy access shower benefits, you will also need to consider the following:

- Unless you opt for a complete level access design, there is still a small step up to enter the shower. This may be suitable for your bathing needs now, but it may not be practical in future.If you’re currently struggling with mobility, you may wish to consider installation of a wet floor shower, level access shower or wet room.

Replacing A Bath With A Walk-In Shower

You may currently have a bath installed as part of your bathroom design and you’re considering the option of potentially replacing your bath with a walk-in shower.

Replacing a bath with a walk-in shower has several benefits which include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Accessible – Level Or Low-Level Entry
  • Quick Installation
  • Safe

How much do easy access walk in showers cost?

Depending on your choice of walk-In shower size and choice of wall covering in the shower area, easy access showers vary in price,but on average cost between £3-5K.

Can you get a grant for an easy access walk in shower?

Depending on your current finances and mobility needs, you may be eligible for a disabled facilities grant of up to £30,000. However, this may favour the installation of a disabled bathroom over an easy access walk-in shower. We suggest you visit your local council website, as this can vary depending on your location.

To find out more about disabled grants and if you’re eligible read our Disability Grants For Home Improvement article.

If you wish to gather further information about easy access walk-in showers or to find out more information about our full design and fit service please call a friendly member of our team or book a free design appointment online.

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