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How To Choose Between A Walk-In Bath Or Accessible Shower | More Ability

Published: 27 August 2020

As we get older, traditional baths and showers can become uncomortable, unsafe and difficult to use, especially for those who struggle with mobility.

As a nation of bath lovers, many of us still will want to be able to enjoy a relaxing soak, so naturally consider installing a walk-in bath as a safer alternative. However there is a whole range of accessible shower solutions available that we encourage you to also think through as both solutions present different features and benefits.

The truth is, and depending on your individual requirements, one solution may better lend itself to your specific, long term, bathing needs than the other and the aim of this article is to highlight those differences, there benefits and drawbacks, so you can make an informed decision.

Walk-In Baths

Walk-in easy access baths are simply a bath that includes a hinged pressure sealed door that allows the user to enter without having to step over the side. With a wide range of options available, covering:

> Size

> Cost

> And Added Extras

There are several different types of walk-in baths available, some of which have a lower entry thresholds than others, however predominantly they all work in a very similar manner

Types Of Walk-In Baths

Although there are many walk-in bath variations, especially when it comes to specific sizes and optional extras, the main types of easy access baths include:

> Full Length Walk-In Baths

> Maxi Walk-In Baths

> Midi Walk-In Baths

> Compact Walk-In Baths

For detailed information regarding the different types of walk-in baths and to find out how walk-in baths work and how much they cost we encourage you to read our dedicated article.

Similarly if you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to call a friendly member of our team today.

Benefits Of A Walk-In Baths Compared To An Accessible Shower

When deciding how to choose between a walk-in bath or an accessible shower its important you understand the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions.

To start walk-in baths have several great benefits including:

> The hinged pressure sealed door allows users to access the bath at a lower level, without experiencing the difficulty, discomfort and risk of stepping over the high side of a regular bath.

> Walk-in baths incorporate additional safety features including thermostatic taps, anti-slip surfaces, BioCote antimicrobial technology and the option to install built in grab rails to name a few.

> Additional therapeutic options including spa, chromotherapy and wireless sound systems can be included to help to provide additional sensory aids and create a more relaxing bathing experience.

> Walk-in baths are available in a range of shapes and sizes, allowing users to directly replace their traditional bath without the worry of it taking up additional space.

> Having the facility to continue to be able to bathe can enhance quality of life and ease certain health conditions, particular where muscular deterioration is involved.

Walk-In Bath Drawbacks

Although there are several benefits to walk-in baths there are also a couple of drawbacks that need to be considered. Ultimately, it will depend on your mobility level, risk of deterioration of any underlying health conditions and the bathing experience you desire.

> Although the door incorporated in the walk-in bath provides low level access, there is still a small step up that the user will have to take to enter the bath. This does need to be considered for those with very limited mobility.

> The main drawback however, and the result of having a bath with door option, is that you must enter the bath while it’s empty, close the door and wait for the water to fill the bath before you can bathe.

> Similarly you must also wait for the water to be drained before you can exit the bath. That said, using a thermostatically controlled water system ensures the water is always a comfortable temperature while you wait however both drawbacks will lead to a longer bathing experience.

Accessible Shower Solutions

A popular alternative to a walk-in bath, easy access showers are available in a range of safe and stylish options, and remain a suitable solution for those with limited mobility while future proofing for any potential deterioration.

Level Access Shower With Seat

A Level access shower with seat eliminates the requirement of you having to step over a bath side or raised shower tray and consists of an anti-slip tray that is sunk into the floor, creating a level access design.

Available in a range of tray sizes a level access shower with seat features slip resistant flooring for added peace of mind, a range of half or full height shower doors to ensure water doesn’t escape and the option to include grab bars for additional support.

Wet Floor Easy Access Shower

Made to fit your available space the design and installation of a wet floor easy access shower will make showering safer and provide complete peace of mind while offering level access entry.

A wet floor easy access shower is where a shower tray is built into the floor with a patrician screen fitted to keep water enclosed within the wet area. A safe and stylish multi-generational solution this particular solution can be designed to include a number of additional safety features including:

> Grab Rails

> Shower Seat

> Slip Resistant Tiles

> Or Anti-Slip Vinyl Flooring

Walk-In Accessible Shower

Perfect if you’re considering a bath replacement a walk-in accessible shower provides a safe and stylish alternative to traditional bathing and showering solutions.

Specifically designed to suit individual bathing requirements our range of walk-in easy access showers are available in a large selection of tray sizes with the option to include a fold away or fixed in seat, grab bars and accessible wall boards.

Wet Rooms For The Elderly

Purpose built to meet individual wants and needs mobility wet rooms for the elderly provide the ultimate accessible shower experience, helping you to remain safe and independent within your own home.

Turning your entire room into a safe and practical showering solution wet rooms for the elderly maximise your use of space making the overall layout safer and easier to navigate. Turning what has the potential to be a clinical looking adaptation into a stylish accessible shower suite the majority of mobility wet room designs also feature:

> Garb Bars

> A Shower Seat

> And Anti-Slip Vinyl Flooring

Accessible Shower Benefits

Providing a stylish, safe and future proofed solution, whichever accessible shower you choose the added benefits are relatively consistent across all options.

> Each of the accessible shower solutions can be designed with certain fixtures and fittings that cater for a low maintenance and easy to clean finish.

> Low-level or level access entry means an accessible shower is the perfect solution where easy access is required, particularly important if the user is at risk of health deterioration.

> Additional safety features including grab rails, anti-slip vinyl flooring, slip resistant tiles and fold way or fixed cushioned seats and shower chairs help create a safe and comfortable bathing experience.

> Available in a range of sizes and style of options, you are certain to find something that suits your style and bathing needs.

Accessible Shower Drawbacks

When considering whether to install a walk-in bath or an accessible shower, also consider that with a shower:

> You don’t get to enjoy the long soak that only a bath can provide.

> There isn’t an option to include additional therapeutic features, which for some, particularly those that suffer with muscle deterioration,is a requirement for an enhanced bathing experience and quality of life,

At the end of the day, when deciding how to choose between a walk-in bath or accessible shower the main things you need to consider are your individual requirements and health conditions and how these compare with any personal preferences you may have.

Either way with such a wide range of stylish, safe and accessible options available, whether you prefer having a long bath or foresee the requirement of a more future proofed accessible shower there’s a solution for you.

If you wish to find out more any of the bathing solutions referenced in this article, including how each can specifically designed to cater for individual wants and needs book a free design appointment online today.

Alternatively you may wish to call a friendly member of our team or visit one of our showrooms located in Leeds and Harrogate.

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