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Published: 5 April 2019

A sensory bathroom is a great way to reduce tension and anxiety. This is especially the case for those with dementia or emotional and behavioural difficulties. As a result, they often find bathing extremely stressful.

Specialist equipment can be incorporated into a bathing routine to help calm, relax muscles and reduce pain.

In this article, we’ll discuss a range of:

> Sensory baths

> Sensory bath ideas

> Sensory bath lights

Sensory Bath

A sensory bath is available as a standalone fixture with all-inclusive sensory bath equipment. On the other hand, the other option is integrating individual therapy options into your existing bathroom. For example, the Astor Bannerman Phoenix Height Adjustable Care Bath comes with many options. These can be selected for the ultimate bathing experience and suitable for the domestic care market.

Options include:

1. A warm air spa hydrotherapy option

2. An LED light colour therapy system and superior light upgrade

3. And integrated speakers with Bluetooth connectivity for audio therapy

The Astor Bannerman sensory bath is easily one of the most comprehensive solutions available on the market.

Sensory Bath Ideas

The lighting effects and soft music of a sensory bathroom can be a great way to reduce tension and anxiety. Furthermore, interactive sensory bathrooms can help users relax and open up. This allows the development of new skills in a calm, controlled and engaging environment.

We’ll look to cover the following sensory bath ideas:

1. Sensory Bath Lights and Colour Therapy

2. Sensory Baths and Hydrotherapy

3. Sensory Bathroom Audio Therapy

Sensory Bath Lights and Colour Therapy

Sensory bath lights for colour therapy can be purchased as either:

> Floating LED lights

> Underwater LED Lights

> Bubble Tubes or a

> Projected Wall Display

These are widely used in the field of dementia care and learning disabilities.

Colour therapy is the incorporation of soft, successive lighting. In effect, this improves a person’s well being and the desired stimulus.

This alternates through a series of seven meaningful tones:

1. White is used as a purifier to the senses and mind.

2. Yellow is hopeful and stimulating.

3. Turquoise is serene and stress reducing.

4. Light red is bold, warming, energizing and courageous.

5. Green brings harmony and balance.

6. Orange is fresh and invigorating, awakening the soul.

7. Magenta reduces anxiety.

Sensory Baths and Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a widely used water stimulant. Importantly, this is the case when the desired outcome is to increase circulation.

There are several medical benefits including:

> Reduced inflammation

> Relief from muscular aches and pains

> Improved gout and cirrhosis symptoms

Hydrotherapy’s aim is to provide treatment with the use of water. There are two different ways of creating an agitated state of water:

1. Whirlpool

2. Air Spa

Whirlpool Hydrotherapy

A Whirlpool system is designed to use water from within a bath, pumped through an internal system and forced back into the bath via a minimum of six nozzles. These nozzles are located around the sides. Air is then injected into each of these to increase the level of bubbles, and circulatory benefits, created.

Air Spa Hydrotherapy

An Air Spa system may be particularly relevant where skin sensitivity is an issue. This provides a more gentle and subtle hydrotherapy experience. Through the creation of vertical bubbles, air is pumped into the bath via nozzles located on the base of the baths surface. As a result, these collectively massage the user’s skin and muscles.

Sensory Bathroom Audio Therapy

Audio therapy can help reduce anxiety, improve mental health and ease symptoms of depression by harmonising the body’s nervous system. This can be used in conjunction with any of the above sensory bath ideas.

With a variety of audio equipment now available, sound can be easily incorporated into the domestic bathroom via any of the following:

> Built in speakers

> Bluetooth mirrors

> Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

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