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Guide To Disabled Toilets | More Ability

Published: 11 September 2015

Being able to get on and off the toilet safely and independently is the second most common struggles within the disabled bathing market that as a supply and installer of solutions, we must overcome.

There are a number of solutions available that vary in degree of bespoke-ability and assisted support meaning regardless of someone’s disability there is a sanitary ware solution to their toileting problem and further bathing woes.

All solutions offer the same core features and benefits including, safer and easier bathing, independence which in turn enhances dignity and provides peace of mind to the individual and all concerned.

Options for bespoke toilet systems include:

Auto Bidet Toilets

Also referred to as a ‘wash & dry toilet’ and ‘auto shower toilet’ do exactly as described in the various titles – they are used in a toilet / waste function with the added benefit of having a built in, automatic, wash and dry function.

These toilets are commonly taller in height making getting on and off easier, solving the initial problem, with additional side supports / hand rails to help lift. Auto Bidet Toilets are the bespoke system of choice for people who struggle cleaning themselves following use typically as a result of a number of health conditions including arthritis, muscular dystrophy, severe MS and Parkinson diseases and amputee’s.

Height powered toilets

This type of bespoke toilet system includes tilt and full rise options, which, depending on a condition, can help a user get on and off the toilet safely.

Commonly known as the ideal toilet system for those with very limited mobility the tilt option simply alters the seat to a raised angle giving a gentle boost to the user as they get on and off. Whereas the full rise option lowers and rises the user to a comfortable position when getting on, off and while using.

Height powered toilet systems are preferable to anyone who is unable to bend unaided at the hip or knee can be supported from and back to standing height. Some options have controls built into both armrests whereas the majority have a separate control that can be used manually or remotely operated by the user and/or carer.

Toilet Lift Systems

Toilet lift systems can be fitted over an existing, standard height toilet but are also compatible with a more bespoke auto bidet system. Typically this form of solution would be categorised as a ‘further adaptation’ due to the nature in which they can and will be installed – in addition to and existing fixture.

Similar to a height powered toilet, lift systems are a great bathroom solution addition to anyone who is unable to bend unaided at the hip or knee as the height adjustable seat means they can be supported from and back to standing height making getting on and off a safe and easy task to complete.

In terms of deciding which bespoke toilet system would work best for you depends entirely on what problems you are looking to solve and what situation you are in in terms of further enhancing your existing toilet system or requiring a brand new unit.

We would recommend speaking with an occupation therapist / health care professional with regards to attaining a home assessment to really understand the problems you are facing. Furthermore, speaking with a specialist provider and installer of such systems, like ourselves, can be beneficial in terms of highlighting specific features, advantages and solutions with the added benefit of ‘try before you buy’ if they have a dedicated showroom.

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