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Published: 16 April 2014

As time goes on our once agile and tireless bodies begin to require additional assistance to do our usual day to day tasks. Often starting with bathing, simple tasks like getting in and out of the bath can become difficult, and what was once an enjoyable and relaxing experience can become troublesome as we struggle to safely and comfortably use existing fixtures and fittings.

If you’ve noticed you or a loved one is beginning to struggle with mobility and want to maintain your independence without undertaking a full bathroom refit, we’ve put together a list of quick bathroom adaptations you can introduce into your existing suite to improve overall safety.

Update Your Sanitary Ware

There are now several accessible bathroom sanitary ware options available that can be easily installed within your bathroom suite without taking anything away from its design. Whether you want to adapt your toilet, basin or both, accessible bathroom sanitary ware options include:

Raised Plinth

If you struggle to bend at the knee or hip when using the toilet or basin, toilet lifters can be fit over your existing toilet to assist you on and off.

Comfort Raised Height Toilets

Comfort raised height toilets are taller in height than traditional toilets. They make getting on and off the toilet easier as you don’t have to bend down as low to sit.

Wash And Dry WC

Wash and dry toilets provide additional cleaning facilities to help you use the toilet safely and comfortably. Upon using the toilet, a trigger mechanism (via controls that can be used with your elbow or remote control) will flush your waste away. Water followed by air is then dispensed to clean and dry your intimate areas.

You can find more information about wash and dry toilets here.

Rise And Fall Basin

A smart option for those who struggle with bending over, whether that’s washing hands or brushing teeth, a rise and fall disabled basin is a great solution for multi-generational bathrooms as they can be adjusted to suit the height of the specific user.

Change Your Brassware

There is a wide range of modern and traditional accessible brassware designs you can install within your bathroom. Often made from chrome, accessible brassware allows you to improve safety within your bathroom without compromising on style.

Options include:

Easy Lever Taps

If you struggle with hand strength or grip, swapping your traditional taps for a quarter turn easy lever tap allows you to simply control water flow by turning the tap with your hand or arm.

Sensor Taps

Like easy lever taps, with sensor taps you don’t need to have a strong grip to turn the tap on. They detect your movement and will turn the water on and off accordingly.

Available at a range of price points, easy lever and sensor taps vary in cost depending on your choice of design.

Thermostatic Controls

An important safety feature for those who struggle with mobility, thermostatic controls regulate the temperature of water flow, helping to avoid any accidental scolding by keeping the water at a safe temperature.

Thermostatic controls are available as bath and basin taps as well as shower mixers.

Install Grab Rails

An easy way to assist with bathroom mobility is to install grab rails. A smart future proofing option grab rails can be located on any wall within your bathroom to help to enhance balance and prevent falls.

Available in a variety of finishes including horizontal, vertical, angled and folding, grab bars help to aid assistance without taking away from your bathroom’s aesthetics.

Small bathroom rails can cost as little as £20, but this doesn’t account for the cost of installation. Find out more by reading our dedicated bathroom grab rails buying guide.

Install A Shower Seat

A fantastic safety feature, if you have a shower with a seat, you can rest your legs whilst bathing. These are available in three main options:

Fold Away Shower Seat

Fold away shower seats give you and other users of your shower room the option to sit or stand when taking a shower. Again, this is a great option for multi-generational bathrooms.

Fixed Cushioned Shower Chair

A fixed cushioned shower chair is a permanent fixture within the shower and provides additional comfort and arm support when showering.

Bespoke-Built Corian Bench

For those who don’t want to compromise on style, a luxurious and purpose-built corian bench is made to fit your available space and allow you to sit whilst showering.

Basic fold away shower seat prices start from approximately £100 whilst fixed cushioned shower seats prices start around £180. Corian benches are more on the expensive side, with prices varying depending on your bathroom size and design choices.

Bath Adaptations

Bath Lifts & Aids

If you want to still be able to enjoy a warm soak after a long day, using a bath lift can help to assist you with getting in and out of the bath.

There are several types of bath lifts available on the market including battery operated bath lifters and molly bathers. It is important to note however that non fixed bathing aids can be dangerous if they are not sold to fit your particular wants, needs and bathing requirements.

Bath lifts costs start from £250-300 but can vary widely, depending on your choice of features and instalment.

Bathroom Adaptations Funding Options

Depending on your mobility needs you may be eligible for a Minor Bathroom Adaptations Grant.

To be considered you will need to get in contact with your local council as eligibility varies from council to council. Find out more on our article dedicated to disability grants for home improvement.

Similarly if you suffer from a physical medical condition and are hoping to install more permanent fixtures you may be VAT exempt which in monetary terms can be a 20% saving.

Either way, if you wish to find out more about our bathroom adaptation options and how we can help to transform your bathroom into a safe and stylish suite, you can book a free design appointment online. Alternatively you may wish to call a friendly member of our team or visit one of our showrooms located in Leeds and Harrogate.

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