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Mobility wet room refurbishment case study | Leeds | More Ability

Published: 18 December 2023

In this case study we take you through the process of how our fully project-managed service transformed the bathroom of a couple in Leeds into a mobility wet room design, requiring minimal maintenance as well as meeting their needs and requirements.


An existing bathroom belonging to a couple in Leeds, consisted of a bath, WC basin, and the usual bathroom features that make up a bath design.

Mr and Mrs Downey wanted to revamp their bathroom design after they had deemed it to be unfit for purpose. So they sought to explore their options and improve their daily lives with the right changes in a new design and wanted to find the right company that could deliver them with this.


The couple were recommended to disabled and mobility bathroom brand More Ability as they thought they would be the most suitable to help them refurbish their bathroom.

Taking this advice on board, Mr. Downey contacted our team in the hope of gathering more information and seeing if More Ability was the right company to take on the project for the bathroom overhaul.

As part of the conversation with a member of our team, Mr. Downey briefly touched on the challenges with the existing concept and queried if this was something that we could tackle and create an efficient mobility design for him and his wife.

Much to his delight, he was informed that this was our area of expertise, a our history of delivering bathroom solutions, and how More Ability fits as one of Passmore Group's brands He was also given a breakdown of our full design and fit service.

Delighted, this seemed to be they type of company and service he was looking for and proceeded to book a free design appointment, for one of our designers to visit and go through the initial stages of our fully project-managed service.

Experienced bathroom designer Garry visited Mr. Downey, and before the two of them got into a detailed conversation, Garry went around the existing concept taking measurements.

After he had finished his survey, Garry conveyed the notes he had been provided with. Garry’s aim was to make the daily life of Mr Downey and his wife easier by coming up with a new design that met their needs and requirements.

In agreement with the notes, Mr. Downey expanded on them by explaining to Garry that they had thought of the possibility of having a concept, that would include safety flooring, perhaps a seat option, wall boards, and grab bars in a mobility shower design They also wanted a design that required minimal maintenance.

Other than their bathroom suggestions they wanted Garry to advise the best way to move forward and see if he could use his experience and re-design their bathroom.

Taking into account the suggestions that Mr Downey had brought forth, Garry redesigned the bathroom and proposed a mobility wet room.

Garry’s suggestions showed a completed refurbishment of the bathroom. He had carefully considered Mr Downey’s idea of having an accessible concept by replacing the bath with a shower and include a fixed seat.

Safety features like grab bars, anti-slip vinyl flooring were reflected in the design, retaining the couple’s independence and safety in the bathroom.

With the couple wanting a design that required minimal maintenance, Garry had included the fitting of accessible wallboards as they are easy to clean and durable

Mr Downey was impressed with Garry’s design suggestions, he had considered all the factors they had talked about and used his extensive experience in bathroom solutions to create a concept that ultimately provided them the ability to retain their independence and safety, and would provide them with peace of mind.

"Mr Downey came to us after a recommendation and had an understanding that we have experience in creating bathroom solutions that meet our customer's requirements.

He was unsure how to tackle it in its entirety. That being said he was very clear regarding what he wanted to achieve, and that was a design that was accessible and easy to use but would still meet the needs of him and his wife.

Combined with his ideas, I came up with a completely new design that ensured that they were safe, and comfortable ultimately providing them with complete peace of mind, which they were thrilled with!"

A provisional quote was then given to Mr Downey of the project.

Keen to move on to the next stage of our full design and fit service, Garry scheduled Mr Downey for a second appointment at our Leeds Bathroom showroom.

At the appointment in Leeds, Garry presented Mr Downey with a variety of CAD visuals of the proposed wet room to help him envision how it would look finished.

Mr Downey was pleased with the design; it had come out exactly as per their agreement at the first appointment. Garry then took Mr Downey around the showroom to pick the final accessible bathroom design features to complete the design. Once he had finished choosing Mr Downey then placed an order with us.

Mobility wet room refurbishment | Leeds | More Ability

Prior to the installation of the new design, our project surveyor Joe visited the couple to talk them through the process of installation. He would be their first point of call if they had any issues, and he would liaise with the fitter throughout the refurbishment to ensure that the process ran smoothly.

Our multi-skilled fitter Chris ripped out the entire bathroom design, replacing the bath with an adjustable shower, and a separate on/off temperature control, providing the couple ease of use and access. The new shower also had a thermostatically controlled/ anti-scalding feature that would set the temperature back to normal in case it was changed, increasing the bathroom safety.

Still providing the couple with an option for a seat, the shower was fit with a comfortable, durable grey fold-up seat with a back and arms. The seat features a slightly adjustable option and is easy to clean and maintain, ticking the boxes of the couple’s requirements.

Completing the shower area of the design a glass flipper screen was fit, helping to keep the water maintained and concealed in the area.

Opposite the shower, a rounded full pedal basin was fit, with a mirror installation above. Next to the basin, a comfortable height toilet was installed with an adjoined chrome grab rail providing additional support for the couple.

Truly meeting the safety and minimal maintenance requirement for the couple, grey accessible wall boarding was fit around the whole of the new mobility wet room, and matching the wall boarding, grey anti-slip vinyl flooring was laid across the entire concept. This would help to prevent slips and falls from occurring with its water-resistant feature, and further added to the minimal maintenance design the couple required.

Completing the design, a tall dark grey wall-hung radiator was fit, providing the couple with an area to place their towels and would help to keep the bathroom warm.

The completed mobility wet room installation displayed our fully project-managed service from start to finish, we listened to what the couple and used our expertise throughout the process to deliver them a new design that met their needs and requirements.

Customer comment:

Chris was respectful and did an excellent job in a week.

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Showing a keen interest in design & technical drawing from an early age Garry ‘fell’ into surveying bathrooms as a result of wanting to make the most of his natural abilities which involved a creative flare for design.

At Passmore’s Garry works directly with the MoreBathrooms & MoreAbility brands, surveying & designing bathroom works and solutions for the domestic homeowner.

Garry will also work alongside Paul Tarbard managing the showroom ensuring the latest products and designs are on display.

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