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Shower Seats & Grab Rails – making your stylish suite safer

5 February 2016

Typically when making the decision to renovate your bathroom in the early stages of senior age you have identified a struggle in terms of getting in and out of the bath. This type of self-diagnosis often results in a stylish and accessible solution being installed with the help from a bathroom specialist who can help advise and inform.

More often than not this solution is aspirational with an underlying need to make it easy to use – for that reason wet floor showers, level access showers and walk-in showers tend to be the solution of choice - We’ll get more into why later.

But what happens when you get older or your mobility deteriorates? The peace of mind you once had can soon become derelict making you feel like your initial investment has become a waste of money as you look to renovate once again to meet present needs.

We’re here to tell you that that is an unnecessary expense.

In fact the purpose of this week’s helpful article is to address the small upgrades and further adaptations you can make that will turn your stylish suite into a safer experience with very little detriment to your savings.

It starts with making the right decision from the get go – shower solutions (as mentioned above). These solutions are fantastic in terms of being able to ‘add on’ any additional extras at a later date should your health require it. They also look great and can be adapted to increase safety and peace of mind in the form of:

Grab Rails

Simply but effective. Grab rails come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. This specific safety feature once screamed "institutional" - the sterile public-restroom look they possessed is the one reason that people resist installing them.

However the shape, material and colour of a grab rail can actually play a large part in whether it looks clinical or compliments your stylish shower room. Recent innovations have seen a large increase in the variety of rail solutions now available meaning they no longer look unappealing. For example, a minimally designed, wavy, chrome grab rail (as below) situated in a cream, grey, beige suite would offer a stylish and more luxurious look & feel but most importantly enhance safety.


Shower seating in the form of built in benches, stools, fixture wall seats and folding wall seats are a handful of the options available to you. A generously proportioned built-in bench is without a doubt easier on the eye than a shower seat or chair however if a built-in bench would take up too much room, consider a teak fold-up bench or chair (as below). Plastic might say "hospital," while teak says "spa" but in the end whether a built-in bench or fold-up seating solution both say safety.

For more inspiration here’s a safe & practical wet floor shower we designed within an area of our showroom. Featuring a wavy grab rail, slip resistant tiles and built in corian bench this safe and stylish shower room screams luxury but is equally safe in a very subtle manner.

Are you looking to enhance an existing shower room solution in your home? Why not download our FREE guide, packed full of handy tips, advice and all things to consider when adding or renovating an easy access suite.

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