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Accessible Wet Floor Shower Case Study | Keighley | More Ability

Published: 24 October 2022


Mr. Hussain’s existing family bathroom consisted of a bath, basin, and WC. However, it had recently become unsuitable for purpose as his mother was struggling to use it. The bathroom was located on the ground floor of Mr. Hussain’s home.

He wanted a suitable solution that would meet his mother’s requirements and a design that would be suitable for the whole household as the home was a multi-generational home. He wanted to install all new fixtures and fittings as part of the new bathroom design.


Mr. Hussain was made aware of More Ability having browsed the internet and the various types of bathroom solutions that we offer.

He was confident that we could carry out the work and provide him and his family with a suitable bathroom design and solution that would meet all their needs as there were multiple generations living within the home. Most importantly it would make life easier for his mother’s needs. Mr. Hussain proceeded to book a free design appointment.

Senior Designer, Garry visited Mr. Hussain’s home, where he would survey the existing bathroom, and discuss with the family ideas and requirements for the new bathroom. Then take them through the process for their desired accessible wet room shower.

Garry surveyed Mr. Hussain’s ground floor bathroom, sat with Mr. Hussain and his family to discuss with them in detail any potential design ideas they had for the new bathroom design, and talk them through all the accessible bathroom features that would be suited for his mother’s requirements, as part of the new design. Mr. Hussain had made a few suggestions which were to have installed a wet room and new fixtures and fittings but was also open to ideas and keen on Garry’s expert knowledge, to provide them with a suitable solution.

Taking all this information onboard, Garry then used his extensive knowledge and design of bathroom solutions and created an illustration of what the new accessible wet room bathroom design would look like, which included a wet room shower, glass flipper screen, safety, and many more fixtures and fittings.

Mr. Hussain was then provided with a detailed quote for the works to be carried out for the new disabled wet room. Happy with the process so far Mr. Hussain was then invited to the Leeds Bathroom Showroom, where he would be presented with detailed CAD images, which would help him and his family see what their new bathroom design would be like. They would also be able to pick the final fixtures and fittings for the new accessible wet room.

During the CAD presentation at the showroom in Leeds, Garry helped Mr. Hussain to pick the final finishing touches for the bathroom. Delighted with the next step of the process Mr. Hussain proceeded to place an order with us.

Accessible Wet Room Shower Installation

Mr. Hussain’s bathroom located on the ground floor was stripped out and refurbished into an accessible wet room, meeting the requirements of all the members of the household. The new accessible wet room was installed by our multi-skilled fitter Amarjit.

The old bathroom design was taken out, which included taking out the bath, which was then replaced by a wet room shower and had a beautiful Corian bench fit as part of the new bathroom design, which would suit Mr. Hussain’s mother’s needs but also keep the aesthetic look in the bathroom.

A glass flipper screen was fit as part of the wet shower to help maintain and control the water within the allocated shower area. Grey anti-slip vinyl flooring was fit throughout the whole bathroom as part of the safety features and design.

Keeping to the grey colour scheme as part of the new design, wall boards were installed on the inside of the shower as they’re easy to clean and maintain. The rest of the walling was fit with sleek grey tiles keeping the consistency of the grey design throughout the bathroom.


A downstairs family bathroom that had become unfit for purpose, was transformed into a beautiful accessible wet room, fit with various modern and safety features.

Customer Comment:

Thank you, Gary, Amarjit, and Joe. Very good job at a very high standard. Excellent work, looking forward for future and business dealings with your company.

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Senior Designer

Garry is an experienced bathroom surveyor and designer having worked in and around the industry for 28 years; gaining invaluable experience whilst at bathroom specialist’s; Norwood & Porcelanosa.

Showing a keen interest in design & technical drawing from an early age Garry ‘fell’ into surveying bathrooms as a result of wanting to make the most of his natural abilities which involved a creative flare for design.

At Passmore’s Garry works directly with the MoreBathrooms & MoreAbility brands, surveying & designing bathroom works and solutions for the domestic homeowner.

Garry will also work alongside Paul Tarbard managing the showroom ensuring the latest products and designs are on display.

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