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How To Design A Multi-Generational Bathroom | More Ability

Published: 24 July 2015 · Last Updated: 19 June 2023

Multi-generation living is one of today's fasted growing trends in the housing industry. There are various reasons why multi generational living is growing and the reoccurring themes include grandparents moving in to help with childcare or because they are too frail to live alone.

Although it may make sense financially and consciously, successfully living with more than two generations under the same roof, requires a degree of thought and careful consideration in order to make multi-generational living work.

Designing a multi-generation bathroom encompasses and addresses the needs and abilities of people of all ages, combining safety and comfort with style and beauty to create an end product that is attractive, versatile and practical.

One of the key areas of concentration should be the bathroom, as this is a well-known, high-risk, area for the older generation. When designing a multi-generational bathroom, it is important to address the needs and abilities of people of all ages, combining safety and comfort with style and beauty to create an end product that is attractive, versatile, and practical.

If you’re considering a bathroom that lends itself to multi-generational living, follow our top 4 tips as detailed below:

1. Easy Access Bath & Shower Solutions

Two of the most important multi-generation fixtures have to be the incorporation of a bath solution and a shower solution – the best of both worlds.

Easy access baths

As well as your standard bath, another way to make a multi-generational living work is by considering an easy-access bath solution. As we get older one of the first signs of struggle is the discomfort of getting in and out of a bath due to the upper body strength required to pull yourself out of the water. An easy access/walk-in bath eliminates this and with several options available all generations, whether young or old can continue to enjoy a relaxing soak.

Shower Solutions

There are a wide range of shower solutions available that cover various styles, designs, sizes, and safety features. Depending on the needs of your multi-generational home we recommend you explore the following in detail to ensure a solution is found that meets the requirements of the family:

  • Accessible wet floor shower
  • Level access showers
  • Wet room

2. Accessible Sanitary Ware

There are several accessible sanitary ware options available that lend themselves to multi-generational living, ensuring your bathroom is safe and comfortable to use whilst remaining stylish.

Comfort Height Toilets

Also known as raised height toilets, comfort height toilets are taller in height than a traditional sized toilet, which makes getting on and off much easier and safer.

Comfort Height Basins

Comfort height basins are also taller in height than a traditional basin, making them an ideal solution for those who have difficulty bending as a raised height basin puts less strain on the lower back.

Both comfort height toilets and raised height basins look identical to standard bathroom sanitary ware with the height difference, usually 5 cm, remaining unseen to the naked eye.

Wash and Dry Toilets

Providing additional cleaning and drying support a wash and dry toilet, or shower toilet, is a great addition to a multi-generation bathroom.

Available in a range of styles wash and dry toilets can be used to add an element of luxury and/or support to a multi-generational bathroom design.

3. Accessible Floor and Wall Coverings

The type of flooring and wall coverings you choose are important when it comes to creating a home for multi-generational living.

A recent study undertaken by the British Association of Occupational Therapists concluded that 79% of all bathroom injuries among people 65 years and older is due to slips and falls in the bathroom, meaning safety flooring should be high on the priority list.

How to make multi-generational living work with accessible flooring and wall coverings:

Slip-resistant tiles come in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes, from ceramic, porcelain, marble, and travertine, all designed to prevent accidents and falls. However, depending on which slip-resistant material finish you go for it can enhance the aesthetical depth of your bathroom, meeting all the requirements of a multi-generational living home.

Available in a vast range of designs, anti-slip vinyl flooring is a perfect solution for a multi-generational living home, for multiple reasons; it is classed as the safest flooring option when it comes to bathroom design. Anti-slip vinyl flooring is easy to clean, and water-resistant, preventing falls and accidents for all users especially those with limited mobility or a disability. With a wide range of anti-slip vinyl flooring options available in colour and texture, you can add style to your bathroom with this safe bathroom flooring alternative,

Accessible wallboards are becoming increasingly popular in households that are designed for multi-generational living. Accessible wallboards are easy to clean and low in maintenance, which is something you should consider when you’re trying to figure out how to make multi-generation living work.

4. Accessible Bathroom Storage

Traditionally speaking there are two accessible bathroom storage options;

  • Accessible Back-To-Wall Furniture
  • Accessible Modular Furniture

With key differences being design and accessibility, there are important considerations that should be discussed when incorporating fitted furniture into your multi-generation bathroom that will ensure the furniture you choose is suitable for the needs and requirements of the entire family.

4 Top tips enlightening - home for multi-generational living safety is important not compromising design

Primed to increase safety, as well as meet the needs and requirements of each user, throughout this article, we have gone through, in detail, our top 4 recommendations that we encourage you to consider if you are thinking about designing a bathroom to facilitate multi-generational living.

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