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Mobility Wet Room Case Study | Leeds | West Yorkshire

Published: 13 December 2018

hing Problem:

Mr & Mrs O’Connor had an odd shaped, small and old fashioned (approximately 30-40 year old) bathroom that consisted of a bath with overhead shower, basin and WC.

Fully tiled with a scattered floral design and a carpeted floor the existing bathroom was a multi-functional space that needed re-configuring with accessibility, assisted and mobility friendly bathing in mind.

Bathing Solution:

With four people involved in the renovation project, More Ability Surveyor and Designer, Nigel, met everyone on site to discuss the wants, needs and requirements of all users in more detail. With everyone happy to discuss ideas the main aim of the project was to create a solution based on meeting as many, if not all of the criteria.

Following the site visit Nigel spent time re-configuring the room in a number of different ways before settling on a solution that he believed would achieve all of the key areas of concern. Presenting this to the family Nigel explained how his design delivered on their requirements as follows:

Accessibility. Due to the awkward shape and small size of the room Nigel suggested they completely rethink the opening and entrance to the bathroom in order to create additional space and make getting in and out easier and safer. Proposing a pocket sliding door mechanism Nigel explained how this would create a wider opening and additional space as the door would slide into a purpose built nook in the wall.

Mobility Friendly. Wanting to create a solution that was safer and easier to use for a less-abled person Nigel suggested the incorporation of a wet room which would ensure practicality in use, ease of access and maximum safety for all. In conjunction with this a chair friendly basin was included in the design, along with a raised comfort height WC.

Assisted. As a result of wanting to take the manual handling pressure off those that helped with bathing the shower area featured a cushioned chair which was enclosed behind a curtain. Nigel’s thinking behind this particular design meant that help could be given getting the user into the shower area however once seated the curtain drawn and shower turned on which would allow for a more dignified bathing experience.

Installation Outcome:

Taking on board all of Nigel’s suggestions and explanations behind the design the family were over the moon with the presented solution and thrilled that each and every one of their collective and individual requirements had been included.

In addition to all of the key fixtures and fittings, Nigel also wanted to keep maintenance of the wet room to a minimum moving forward. Getting rid of all the box work in order to create smooth and clean lines the ceiling was also lowered and leveled to remove the intruding arch and wall boards installed to all four walls with a feature in the wet area and complimentary colour anti-slip safety vinyl to the floor.

what mr & mrs o'connor said about more ability:

“Fantastic company, high quality goods used, professional from start to finish from the planning with Nigel to all the workers on the job. Steve who was on site daily was excellent. I would recommend the company.”


More Ability, part of the Passmore Group, is Yorkshires only 5* rated bathroom adaptation company. Specialising in accessible, mobility and disabled bathroom solutions we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver from design right through to installation and after care. Whether you want a future proofed solution or require a more specialist adaptation in order to remain independent at home More Ability can help create a safe space to bathe for you or your loved ones.

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Senior Designer

Passmore’s second longest serving employee, Nigel has been with the company since 2001.

Nigel is a fully qualified Gas & Central Heating Engineer, who, before joining Passmore’s installed bathrooms and wet floor showers, using us as his supplier.

Nigel works directly with the MoreBathrooms and MoreAbility brands, surveying & designing bathroom works and solutions for the domestic home owner.

Nigel is also responsible for the Barnsley and Doncaster conurbation with regards to the public sector MoreAbility work. Managing relationships with the local council to deliver bespoke bathroom solutions for the elderly & disabled customer.

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