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Mobility Wet Room Case Study | Bradford | West Yorkshire

12 December 2016


Mrs Nevill had a small bathroom which was made less functional as a result of the layout and fixtures in situ. With the combination of DIY adaptations, in the form of shower stool, grab bars and WC frame, and existing design meant the shower room was increasingly difficult to use.

Hindered further as a result of Mrs Nevill’s struggles with mobility, which the adaptations no longer helped serve, it was decided that the only remaining option was to completely rip out the existing shower room and install a purpose designed safe & practical solution which would be bespoke to overcome the specific wants and needs of the customer.


Mrs Nevill was a well-educated customer who had knowledge of what type of solution she wanted and why. Having predominantly struggled with the existing shower and WC Mrs Nevill had spent time researching alternatives to help improve her bathing experience, in terms of safety, ease of use and independence.

Having discussed these preferences with More Ability Surveyor & Designer, Andy, it was then down to him to design a shower room that not only incorporated these fixtures but also worked in a functional and personal manner. Along with a state of the art Closomat, wash & dry WC Andy designed a spacious wet floor shower area, which lent itself perfectly to allowing for ease of manoeuvrability.


A small and cramped shower room was transformed into a minimalistically safe and spacious wet floor shower solution, inclusive of a Closomat wash & dry WC, large pedestal basin, waterproof wall boarding to the new shower area and no-slip vinyl to the floor. Due to the complexity of the installation there was a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ plumbing worked required in order to make this purposely designed, bespoke solution a reality.

what mrs nevill said about more ability:

A pleasure in spite of all difficulties. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant or competent tradesman than Alan. Although he met tremendous unforeseen difficulties, which made the job very challenging, he worked to find solutions in a cheerful and positive manner.

Andy, our surveyor, worked with me to make the best use of the space. And Alan managed to turn the chaos of the early days into a very attractive and practical bathroom, suitable to cope with my severe disability, is a wonder. I am so glad I was signposted to the More Ability, part of the Passmore Group.”

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