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Mobility Wet Room Case Study | Leeds | West Yorkshire

Published: 16 May 2016


Mr & Mrs Hinchcliffe had a dated, cerise pick and baby blue, 3 piece bathroom suite inclusive of WC, pedestal basin and bath with over shower mixer. There was wooden detailed panelling to the WC and bathing area with cross hatch vinyl to the floor. The bathroom was overly dated in both look and feel and had also become unusable given the difficulty Mr & Mrs Hinchcliffe were facing with regards to bathing and their ability to get in and out of the bath.


More Ability Surveyor & Designer, Nigel Dawson, went to survey Mr & Mrs Hinchcliffe bathroom with an open mind as from introductory phone conversations it was clear that the couple were open to suggestions when it came to adequate solutions. They had no premeditated preferences and were intrigued to learn a professional’s opinion on what solution would work best for them and their needs given the difficulties they were facing.

Firstly and in order for Nigel to be able to suggest a fitting solution he needed to evaluate what problems they were both facing. Following a detailed discussion over current issues with bathing, any future problems that may arise given the possibility of deterioration and any personal wants, needs and desires Nigel was able to put forward a carefully calculated design for a wet floor shower solution which would address all present and any future issues which the coupled loved.


The previously unusable bathroom was transformed into a light, modern and minimalistically safe and practical wet floor shower solution that, due to clever design, could be used and enjoyed for many years to come, regardless of any further restraints with mobility. To compliment the transformed wash room Nigel suggested half wall boarding key areas rather than tiling, porcelain white fixtures including a raised height WC & pedestal basin, a glass flipper screen to the shower area and for extra safety, slip resistant vinyl to the floor and a permanently fixated shower seat.

what mr & mrs hinchcliffe said about more ability:

“Very pleased. I can now get washed as previously I struggled because I could not get in the bath. The shower you designed & installed is very good and suits both mine and my husband’s needs perfectly. Thank you for all your help.”

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Senior Designer

Passmore’s second longest serving employee, Nigel has been with the company since 2001.

Nigel is a fully qualified Gas & Central Heating Engineer, who, before joining Passmore’s installed bathrooms and wet floor showers, using us as his supplier.

Nigel works directly with the MoreBathrooms and MoreAbility brands, surveying & designing bathroom works and solutions for the domestic home owner.

Nigel is also responsible for the Barnsley and Doncaster conurbation with regards to the public sector MoreAbility work. Managing relationships with the local council to deliver bespoke bathroom solutions for the elderly & disabled customer.

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