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Disabled Wet Room Case Study | Leeds | West Yorkshire

Published: 28 April 2016

a bespoke / assisted wet room - designed, supplied & installed

A completely self-attained bathing solution transformed a once inadequate and unusable bathroom in to a spacious, bespoke and accessible wet floor shower solution that, due to design, could be used independently or with assistance.

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  • Disabled Bathrooms

Accessible Walk-In Shower Case Study | Huddersfield | West Yorkshire

Published: 12 April 2016

Low level walk-in shower - designed, supplied & installed

An existing bathroom suite in desperate need of a modern and accessible refurbishment was transformed into a light, bright and safe low level walk-in shower room.

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  • Accessible Bathrooms

Mobility Wet Room Case Study | Harrogate | North Yorkshire

Published: 6 April 2016

Wet Floor Shower Solution - designed, supplied & installed

Given the number of DIY adaptations including a series of strategically placed grab rails and a high rise toilet frame it was safe to say bathing had become a troublesome area. General access was a huge concern for the fact Mrs Gittens now walked with a zimmer frame and for that reason accessible bathing had become impossible.

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  • Mobility Bathrooms