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It is unfortunate that many mobility related health conditions can, and often do, lead to progressive deterioration.

Although we champion bathroom adaptations and general home alterations to slow the inevitable and keep you and your loved ones safe and from harm ways; the time may have come to extend your improvement area to continue to live safely and independently within your own home.

At More Ability we understand these struggles which is why we created our sister company, More Build.

Providing building solutions for you or your loved ones our More Build division specialise in extensions, conversions internal & external alterations & adaptations, including kitchens for the general home owner and those looking for a more bespoke solution.

Home adaptations & aleterations; designed, supplied & installed

We often find that one of the initial secondary areas of concern within the home can be managing the stairs, especially for someone who may be psychically impaired.

Now although there are a number of solutions to help overcome this, they are not always well known.

A popular solution for many home owners that find themselves in this unfortunate situation is a stair lift however you need to be mindful of the con’s as well as the pro’s as they not a one size fits all solution.

Alternatively, and if a stair lift isn’t the right solution for you and your needs, you may wish to seek a specialists opinion of whether a through floor lift is possible to allow for continued access to the upstairs bedrooms & bathrooms.

If not then a downstairs room conversion may be an option.

Principally this involves either converting or extending a ground floor area of your home to make it habitable in the form of an accessible bedroom with the potential of an en-suite, totally eradicating the need to venture to the second floor of your home.

Home adaptations & aleterations; designed, supplied & installed

If you use a wheelchair you will appreciate how difficult it can be to use and navigate elements of your home that haven’t yet been adapted for your specific needs and requirements.

Secondary to the bathroom the kitchen is an equally high risk area that needs to be altered if you are wanting to remain independent, and safe, within your own home.

Internal door widening is also a great home adaptation if you or a loved one is wheelchair bound. Allowing you to freely move from room to room; undertaking widening door frames is key to ensuring your home fully and easily accessible regardless of your circumstances.

Home adaptations & aleterations; designed, supplied & installed

Now you’ve tackled the accessibility of the internal elements of your home it’s time to consider the external.

We’re talking access & exit ramps and low mobility threshold doors, because regardless of your mobility or disability circumstances we firmly believe life should not, and need not, be confined to four walls.

Access and exit ramps can encourage and in still confidence in a less able / mobile person or wheelchair user, to venture outside into the great outdoors. What was once an unmanageable task can now be completed with ease thanks to the removal of steps and the installation of accessible ramps.

Low mobility threshold doors simply remove the slight lip typically built into the frames as a locking and concealment mechanism in order to allow for wheel in or zimmer in access. With a low mobility door it completely irradiates the need to step in and over the frame which can be a massive constrictor to a less able person.

If you’re thinking you or a loved one may benefit or need additional adaptations and accessible alterations to your home then call a friendly member of our team on 0113 201 5030 to discuss your wants, needs and requirements.

Alternatively if you want to arrange a free home survey to discuss your adaptations & alterations on site with an experienced surveyor then use this form to book an appointment or visit More Build for more information on possible solutions.

Not only will we be with you every step of the way from design through to installation & build, we’ve also been helping people live safely & independently for over 50 years so you can be rest assured you’re in great hands.

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