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Merging an aesthetical bathroom design while meeting a user’s clinical needs

14 June 2018

Mobility level access shower solution for the elderly and less-abled.

Mobility bathrooms, often for the elderly and less-able, tend to be required as a direct result of a clinical need. Purely rational in requirement the majority of mobility bathrooms can be an eyesore due to a hospital-esk solution being featured in the domestic home. Not an intentional outcome by any means however when functional requirements understandably take president over an aesthetical design there is often a line drawn under what would look good and what will be fit for purpose.

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Top Tips For Help Getting In And Out Of The Bath | More Ability

7 June 2018

Can’t get out the bath? The importance of finding the right solution - help & advice

As we age, bathroom safety and independence can deteriorate significantly, and the longer we put off finding the right solution, the more danger we put ourselves in. Experts in design & installation of mobility bathrooms, here are some top tips for help getting in and of the bath, including a case study of how we helped a customer.

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