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Is your bathroom packing heat?

15 July 2015

Bath / Shower room design, renovation and deciding on what you want your stylish solution to include is one of the most exciting home improvement projects whereby we often allow our inspirational senses take over and really get involved with the different design aspects and styles. That said, an area often left to the last minute or sometimes overlooked completely is the heating of this room.

Heating equipment doesn’t have to be treated as a merely function purchase. With the variation of styles and designs currently available they can easily add an extra element of elegance or further complement the existing style/theme. Popular product choices are including, but not limited to:

  • Towel Warmers / Towel Rails
  • Floor to Wall Radiators
  • Traditional & Contemporary Styles
  • Under Floor Heating

Depending on the solution type and general look and feel you are going for their will, without a doubt, be something to suit your personal preferences and taste.

A few things to bear in mind however include:

  • Floor to Wall Radiators are great if you are short of space
  • Traditional & Contemporary styles are generally better at heating larger rooms as they are much more efficient in their output – these are purely designed to function as intended however in accordance with the modern world they also look a lot more atheistically pleasing then those of yester year.
  • Under Floor Heating – it’s an absolute dream! (You heard it here first) however renowned for being expensive, both purchasing, installing and running! Also underfloor heating is limited and what we mean by this is that it cannot be installed in wet room.

The best approach to heating your bath or shower room solution is to speak with a specialist designer – they will understand the style and interpret your needs so that the end result will compliment your design and function as intended.

MoreAbility*, part of the Passmore Group, is Yorkshires leading and most experienced bath & shower room specialist for all types of stylish, safe & practical and bespoke solutions. Offering a fully project managed design & installation service we pride ourselves on meeting individual wants, needs and aspirational requirements. 

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