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Accessible Wet Floor Shower Case Study | Wetherby | North Yorkshire

Published: 18 December 2017


Mrs Thompson had an existing wet room that we had put in to help with her husband’s wants and needs 6 years previous. Originally converting the separate WC into a mobility wet room, and relocating the toilet into the main house bathroom which consisted of a bath and pedestal basin, we had installed slip resistant vinyl though-out making both rooms consistent and safe.

Although both separate bathing facilities were in great working order they no longer met the wants and needs of the user, Mrs Thompson, who wanted a more stylish looking shower solution.


Initially visiting our Harrogate Bathroom Showroom Mrs Thompson had a general idea of what she wanted to achieve within the renovation works – a larger wet floor showering area with a stylish and modern finish. Re-visiting her property More Ability Surveyor & Designer, Nigel, discussed the works in detail before offering an array of possibilities; both of which encompassed knocking both rooms into one and opening up the available space.

Unsure as to whether the bath was a requirement or a preference Nigel designed two possibilities which allowed Mrs Thompson to choose her design of choice. Option 1 was a similar take on the existing design, in both fixtures, finishing touches and colour schemes, but included a larger wet floor shower area as a result of combining the two rooms.

Option 2 however was a completely new design which incorporated removing the bath and installing a larger than life wet floor shower area with a stylish corian bench, semi-recessed WC with concealed cistern and a large wall mounted basin unit – all enclosed behind a purpose built stud wall.


Having presented Mrs Thompson with both options it became clear that if she wanted a larger than average shower area then she would have to compromise on removing the bath. Mrs Thompson had to make a decision based on which design catered most for bathing wants, needs and requirements.

Happy to let Nigel advice on the tile choices based on her preferred colour scheme, Mrs Thompson was totally taken aback and decided the ultra-modern and strikingly stylish accessible wet floor shower room with corian bench was the design of choice and we couldn’t agree more!

what mrs thompson said about more ability:

“The fitter was very polite, efficient, helpful and reliable.”

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Senior Designer

Passmore’s second longest serving employee, Nigel has been with the company since 2001.

Nigel is a fully qualified Gas & Central Heating Engineer, who, before joining Passmore’s installed bathrooms and wet floor showers, using us as his supplier.

Nigel works directly with the MoreBathrooms and MoreAbility brands, surveying & designing bathroom works and solutions for the domestic home owner.

Nigel is also responsible for the Barnsley and Doncaster conurbation with regards to the public sector MoreAbility work. Managing relationships with the local council to deliver bespoke bathroom solutions for the elderly & disabled customer.

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