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Ms O’Hara, Halifax, West Yorkshire - a downstairs, easy access, bathroom conversion

26 August 2015


Ms O’Hara had recently purchased a new home that needed completely ripping out and renovating to meet her personal wants, needs and requirements. Ms O’Hara was very mindful of what she wanted to achieve and why which, given the situation with her property, meant we were given a ‘blank canvas’ if you will to help us meet her requests with solution based products, knowledge, experience and care.


Ms O’Hara wanted to create a multi-tasking, easy access downstairs bathroom and shower room. The room was large in size but required a number of internal building, plumbing and heating alternations to make it suitable to house the new function.

Due to the change in purpose there was an elements of building regulations that were needed to overcome. Nigel Dawson, More Ability surveyor & designer worked alongside the companies building division, More Build, to meet these requirements, taking ownership to get the job done on Ms O’Hara’s behalf.

Once approved Nigel began working with Ms O’Hara to really understand what solution based products she wanted in the new suite and which would work best given her needs and requirements. Nigel presented a spacious design that incorporated a seated powered bath, to allow for easy access and relaxing bathing, a wet floor shower with corian bench and glass flipper screen, a stylish quick bathing solution that looked great, raised height toilet and easy access basin, both making daily task easier.


The completed room conversion was a stylish, safe & practical, bespoke bathing solution that catered and solved all of Ms O’Hara’s previous problems. It was multi-functional, easy & safe to use and due to the final details was a real eye catching suite. The fully floor tiled and half wall tiled design was extremely spacious and engineered for a great bathing or showering experience that could be enjoy, safely, time and time again. 

what ms o'hara said about more ability:

“Thanks to everyone at More Ability & Passmore’s for a pleasant and hassle free experience. Given the amount of work required I expected a degree of disruption but the builders & installers on site did their best to minimalize this which was very much appreciated. A fantastic job that has made a huge difference on my daily life – making bathing task pleasurable, easy and safe.”