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Mrs Brown, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire - conversion of 2 wash rooms into 1

15 December 2015


Mrs Brown had two separate, yet equally small adjoining, wash rooms. 1 housing a bath with over shower mixer & basin and the other housing a standalone WC. All fixtures were relatively old however the WC was the most outdated item within the 3-piece suite.

Aside from giving the washrooms a facelift Mrs Brown wanted some direction with regards to internal building works, essentially turning 2 rooms into 1. Furthermore and as a result of being more of a senior age, Mrs Brown wanted to future proof, the soon to be new bathroom, making it stylish and accessible but most importantly safe and easy to use. 


The existing bath was already becoming a problem area in terms of getting in and out of to the point that the over shower mixer got the majority of use. Furthermore the bath took up a great deal of space in what was a relatively small room and for those reasons it was decided the best way forward was to convert the bathroom into a shower room.

Secondly a discussion was had around whether it was plausible to knock through the adjoining wall and transform 2 rooms into 1. Given Mrs Brown had decided on a shower solution Nigel Dawson, More Ability Surveyor & Designer, was able to plan the design and outcome whether or not the internal building works were to be carried out. Following a conversation over the features, advantages & benefits and provided designs a decision was made to make the most of the available space and carry out the internal building works to provide a large surface area to house the brand new wet floor shower 3-piece suite.


The transformation was outstanding. The once very small, separate and outdated, suites had been transformed into a large, fully tiled, stylish wet floor shower solution. Also housed in the new suite was a back-to-wall closed coupled toilet, large vanity basin unit, chrome trims and built in corian bench to the shower area. The floor was covered in slip resistant vinyl to the same decorative tone as wall tiles further adding to what could only be described as the ultimate safe and stylish shower room. 

what mrs brown said about more ability:

We like it very much and the tiling is lovely, thank you.