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Mrs Boucher, Stanningley, Leeds, West Yorkshire – bathing is once again become an enjoyable experience

24 March 2016


Mrs Boucher had a small square shaped, fully wall & floor tiled bathroom, consisting of a wall-to-wall enclosed bath, pedestal basin and low rise WC. The existing suite was fast becoming unusable with Mrs Boucher no longer enjoying bathing as of a result of the stress it caused.

Having struggled for a number of years a series of DIY bathroom adaptation accessories had been incorporated in order to help reduce the risk. These included a bath bench, to help Mrs Boucher when getting in and out and a horse shaped washing stool for accessible cleaning. Even though these items had served a purpose the bathroom was quickly becoming extremely hazardous to Mrs Boucher’s health meaning more thorough changes had to be made.


More Ability Surveyor & Designer Nigel Dawson really took the time to understand Mrs Boucher’s worries, concerns and areas of struggle before proposing a solution to her bathing problems. Given space was limited and bathing was impossible Nigel suggested converting the bathroom to a safe & practical shower room which would eradicate all present and future problems.

The idea was very well received however it was clear from the off that a Wet Floor Shower was not a desired outcome. Working with Mrs Boucher Nigel suggested a bath replacement, level access shower tray with half height doors and a curtain to allow for self or assisted showering.


Following initial discussions the completed safe and practical level access shower room was the perfect solution to help overcome Mrs Boucher’s bathing problems. The converted bathroom now allowed and facilitated a safe, enjoyable, trouble & stress free bathing experience that Mrs Boucher wanted, needed and fully deserved.

To compliment the new shower solution Nigel incorporated a full wall length fitted vanity unit which housed the modern basin and high rise WC. The room was finished off in a beige mosaic tiled to all walls and slip resistant vinyl to the floor - for Mrs Boucher bathing had once again become an enjoyable experience. 

What mrs boucher said about more ability:

“Very happy with the work – great job done.”