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When it comes to choosing your brand new brassware you are usually presented with two style options; modern or traditional.

In this day and age the vast majority of available brassware is chrome therefore it is the finer detailing and technical specifications that must be considered when making your decision, especially when looking to enhance usability & safety.

Safe brassware & accessories for enhanced bathroom safety

With regards to choosing your taps, both basin and bath, modern brassware tends to be a singular output with a lever to distinguish between hot & cold.

Not only does this mean a high pressure heating system is best suited to ensure maximum output it also features ease of usability in the design as the lever function completely irradiates the need to grip and turn a handle, which can be a huge bonus for those that suffer from reduced sensation in their hands.

Although Traditional brassware is more suitable to the majority of systems because of the separate warm and cold function in this particular scenario it is not the best option for the user.

Safe brassware & accessories for enhanced bathroom safety

Similarly to your options for taps, shower fixtures; both heads and mixers, offer the same variables for the same reasons, with regards to choosing between a lever or grip operating function.

Whether a digital, electric or manual shower we always like to suggest incorporating a thermostatic anti-scold function to prevent the risk of any accidents occurring whereby a user may have reduced sensation.

Likewise a stabilising hand rail or grab bar should also be considered, especially within a showering area, to enhance bathroom safety while in use.

Safe brassware & accessories for enhanced bathroom safety

We know your final choices for accessories can make or break your overall design, and like we’ve said many a time there’s no reason why your adaptation can’t be as safe as it is stylish.

In this section we’re talking mirrors, toilet & towel features, dishes, dispensers and holders – the finer details that make your stylish & accessible adaptation your own.

Although this is entirely your choice we can’t stress enough the importance of matching all elements. If you’ve chosen a contemporary styled beige bath to shower room conversion with chrome detailing then make sure you match this accordingly when making your accessories choices in terms of colour and finishes.

Consistency really is key.

Safe brassware & accessories for enhanced bathroom safety

We often says it’s the smallest details that make the biggest differences and your choice of brassware and accessories is no exception to that rule.

So if you’re looking for a company who will address the finer design elements as well as the technical specifics as part of your complete adaptation project then you’re in safe hands with us.

We offer a free survey & quote service where a surveyor will visit your home to discuss your project in more detail, uncovering your individual wants and needs at a time & date convenient for yourself.

Alternatively, you can visit our showroom or call 0113 201 5030 to speak with a friendly member of our team.

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