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bring the outdoors in with bathroom plantation

24 March 2017

Bringing the outdoors in with the introduction of plants is the perfect way to breathe life into a functional and somewhat sterile bathroom.

The often low and restricted light, coupled with high humidity is the perfect environment for many plants to grow. A tropical paradise for some, you need to be mindful and selective in your choice to ensure your chosen plant can flourish in this environment and add to the ambience you are looking to create.

With a long list of colourful and scented options, along with your personal preferences, this week’s article is aimed to help you narrow your choice by highlighting the best fitting plants for your bathroom, along with their individual features and compatibility.


Serene, elegant and beautiful. Orchids are a firm spa favourite as they help to create a relaxing environment to which you can ease and unwind. Furthermore with minimal maintenance Orchids thrive in warm and humid conditions.

snake plant

A great air purifier Snake Plants are known for filtering out formaldehyde which is commonly found in many bathroom products. Thriving in low light and humid conditions the Snake Plant could be a perfect choice for your bathroom.

golden pothos

Another powerful plant for tackling formaldehyde is the Golden Pothos. Although its leaves stay green and healthy even when kept in the dark the Golden Pothos needs bright, indirect light which could be a negative unless you incorporate fluorescent bulbs into your setting. On the plus side they don't need watering very often as doing so may case of root rot – an option but not the best in our opinion.

peace lily

An attractive addition to any bathroom setting the Peace Lily thrives in low light conditions and wont thank you for over watering meaning the high humidity will help keep it moist without the requirement of watering.

spider plant

Helping to remove odours, fumes and around 90% of formaldehyde from the air the Spider Plant can grow in a variety of different conditions as a result of requiring very little in the way of care. As a result the Spider plant could be a great addition to your bathroom however it does require some sunlight to in order to sprout.


A happy bathroom inhabitant the Fern plant is a great air purifier helping to create a healthy humidity to compliment your long and relaxing soak. Furthermore the powerful deep green of the leaves breathes fresh clean air of the outdoors into your home and bathroom.


Requiring very little light in order to grow Bamboo should be placed in low, indirect sunlight, in a small container filled with pebbles for effect and sprinkled with a small amount of water to be changed every 2-4 weeks. Although great for creating a minimal zen looking bathroom be warned Bamboo is a fast growing plant, which can be curtailed by providing a physical barrier (such as a recessed shelf) or by shaping it regularly.


By far the easiest house plant to maintain by a mile is the Ivy plant. Enjoying warm and humid conditions it however does require a good amount of natural sunlight to remain healthy. With this in mind we would only suggest Ivy in the bathroom if you have a large unfrosted window for it to photosynthesize.

aloe vera plant

Also known as the Dessert plant, due to its once a month watering requirement, the Aloe Vera plant comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and patterns. Although on the surface it would appear to be the perfect complementary bathroom plant the Aloe Vera does however require a fair amount of natural light meaning a big, un-frosted window is key to growth.


Small growing, low light loving with adorable shaped leaves the Peperomia plant comes in a variety of colours from green, grey, red and cream. Originating from the rain forests of Brazil the Peperomia plant likes a warm and humid environment – just like your bathroom!

As you can see from the plants mentioned above, you have a wide range of suitable options however when it comes to choosing your bathroom plantation less is definitely more.

We believe only a hand selected few can actually look good and add to your overall look and feel so depending on your chosen style and design we would suggest a plant that will enhance your interior direction in a consistent & compatible manner.

If your bathroom resembles a spa like warm, elegant and luxury feel we would choose either an Orchid or Peace Lily. For a modern and minimal Zen bathroom we would suggest Bamboo and for a consistently coloured cold white setting we would choose Peporima to add a dash of colour.

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