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The Passmore Way

7 November 2014

A few months ago a lady, unknown to us, called our showroom regarding the supply of a waste for a wet floor shower.

The lady was having some work done at her home by another company who, when installing the shower, had broken the waste and refused to replace it.

Karen Binks, Passmore’s Ordering Processor, sourced a new waste and would not charge the lady due to the nature of the enquiry and having a variety in stock – costing next to nothing. The lady was eternally grateful of Karen’s help & good nature.

A number of weeks later the ladies mother moved back from the East Coast and decided to have a wet floor shower installed in her new bathroom. Her mother & husband visited the showroom and got a positive feel when listening to Sue Dent, Surveyor Assistant, speak to other customers and booked an appointment for one of our surveyors to go out to the home.

The visit resulted in an order with a possible second referral also on its way. All this is a result of Karen Binks going the extra mile for someone else’s customers.

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