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Designed to help you remain independent at home our specialist disabled toilets & WC's encourage & facilitate you, or a loved one, to continue to use the toilet safely and with ease.

At More Ability you'll discover a comprehensive range of auto bidet wash dry shower toilets, height powered systems with full rise & tilt capabilities as well as rise and fall toilet lifters; each designed and installed to help you continue to use the toilet with independence and with dignity.

Specialist Disabled Toilets, designed, supplied & installed
Specialist Disabled Toilets, designed, supplied & installed
Specialist Disabled Toilets, designed, supplied & installed

Auto bidet wash dry shower toilets with remote controlled adjustable air & water temperature completely eliminate the requirement of manual cleansing giving you, or a loved one, back your independence.

These specialist toilets are commonly taller in height making getting on and off easier and are the bespoke system of choice for people who struggle cleaning themselves, typically as a result of a number of health conditions including arthritis, muscular dystrophy, severe MS and Parkinson diseases and amputee’s.

Specialist Disabled Toilets, designed, supplied & installed

Height powered toilet systems with full rise & tilt capabilities are the ideal toilet system for those with very limited mobility, or suffer with a disability. The tilt option simply alters the seat to a raised angle giving a gentle boost to the user as they get on and off. Whereas the full rise option lowers and rises the user to a comfortable position for getting on & off following use.

Both options can have controls built into both armrests however also come with a separate control that can be used manually or remotely by the user and/or carer.

Fitted over an existing standard height toilet, however are also compatible with a more bespoke auto bidet system, a cheaper alternative to the above is a rise & fall toilet lifter.

Similar to a height powered toilet, toilet lift systems are a great disabled bathroom addition to anyone who is unable to bend unaided at the hip or knee as the height adjustable seat means they can be supported from standing height to sitting, making getting on and off a safer and easier task to complete.

Perhaps a sudden change of circumstance has led you to needing a bespoke disabled sanitary ware solution.

But whatever the reason, you can be rest assured that our highly experienced team are on hand to help & advice you on a full range disability toilets and explain how they can be tailored to best suit your needs or the needs of a loved one.

To discuss your requirements in more detail, call us today on 0113 201 5030 or visit our mobility bathroom showroom at anytime within our opening hours.

Alternatively you can also book a free home survey appointment where a survey would be happy to visit you at your home to discuss your wants and needs in more detail in comfortable surroundings.

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