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Merging an aesthetical bathroom design while meeting a user’s clinical needs

14 June 2018

For some time now the concept of a stylish and accessible bathroom has been ever present in the newly retired segment. With no real mobility requirement present; aside from any noticeable difficulty when getting in and out the bath which tends to occur as we get older, they are typical conscious that a more ‘future-proofed’ design would protect their investment in the long term.

The truth is bathroom renovations, of any kind, often come with a relatively high price tag. Therefore, not only do you need to make sure the chosen design is fit for purpose today, but also tomorrow and many years to come; hence the concertation around future-proofing.

Mobility bathrooms however, often for the elderly and less-abled, tend to be required as a direct result of a clinical need. Purely rational in requirement the majority of mobility bathrooms can be an eyesore due to a hospital-esk solution being featured in the domestic home.

Not an intentional outcome by any means however when functional requirements; i.e. safety, risk prevention and user welfare understandably take president over an aesthetical design there is often a line drawn under what would look good and what will be fit for purpose.


For quite some time now the approach has been taken with mobility bathrooms to focus purely on user requirements and need without much, if any, thought given towards personal preference.

But what if we told you that this is no longer the case and that, with careful consideration and an in depth understanding of user and products (a 50/50 approach if you will), you could in fact achieve a safe and practical mobility bathroom that was as functional as it was pleasing on the eye?

It all comes down to willingness and knowledge.

The trick here is to engage with a specialist mobility bathroom design and installation company, like ourselves.

Although healthcare professionals and occupational therapist alike are exceptionally good at specifying needs based solutions designed for the end-user, they don’t always have the industry product knowledge to offer the same solution with an added design flare – logically; why would they? It’s not their area of expertise after all.

What we do, and what we do very well is either take a specification and then focus on the clients personal preferences; i.e. colour schemes, style preferences and product choices etc. often offering them a number of options to choose from that meet there aesthetical requirements. Or we deal direct from the start; firstly identifying the underlying problem and subsequent areas that require additional support before presenting the same personal preferences options as mentioned above.

The main preference areas we like to cover include:

Shower solution preferences: Level Access Shower or Wet Room

Wall covering preferences: wall boarding or tiles (the choice thereafter is usual dependent on texture and colour)

Floor covering preferences: in the vast majority of cases anti-slip vinyl is always suggested however, like the above, there is a lot of choice when it comes to colour – we can suggest a covering that will complement the overall design.

Grab bar / grab rail preferences: chrome or plastic, straight or wavy, plain or coloured – there’s a lot to consider here also!

Seating preferences: the majority of mobility bathrooms, especially mobility shower rooms, will often have a seat in situ for ease of washing and bathing. Like all the choice is ample and dependent on requirement you could choose between: seat with back and arms, rise and fold seat, shower stool or a purpose built bench.

Bathroom storage and furniture preferences: do you require storage? Do you want storage? Does it need accessible in height i.e. wheel chair access.

Bathroom brassware preferences: thermostatic lever taps are usually suggested as a result of the anti-grip and anti-scold functions they offer however would you prefer matt or chrome finish? Single our combined outlets? This covers brassware for your basin, bath and mixer for your shower.

Offering attractive variations that allow for an element choice with the added inclusion of personal design preferences will help turn a needs based clinical looking bathroom into an aesthetically designed safe and accessible mobility solution. To find out more, or to book a free home survey with an experienced surveyor call More Ability on 0113 201 5030.

More Ability, part of the Passmore Group, is Yorkshires leading and most experienced bath & shower room specialist for all types of stylish, safe & practical and bespoke solutions. Offering a fully project managed design & installation service we pride ourselves on meeting individual wants, needs and aspirational requirements for both the public & private sector.

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