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Offering a collaborative approach to creating a mobility bathroom.

7 December 2017

When it comes to creating a mobility bathroom for a safe and practical bathing experience the project usually starts one of two ways:

  • With An Occupational Therapist or Healthcare Professional
  • With A Specialist Mobility Bathroom Company

Although either will, in most instances, result in a purpose built accessible bathroom adaptation that caters for the individual wants, needs and requirements of the end user the process in which this will be achieved can differ somewhat.

Occupational Therapists are usually involved very early on in the process, at the assessment stage, whereby the project is either part funded (council adaptation), a result of a DFG, the works are required due to an accident that has resulted in some rehabilitation or a recommendation from a charitable organisation.

If your journey to creating a mobility bathroom, or a disabled bathroom, starts with an OT it is likely they will access your requirements and design a bathroom to a certain specification. An OT’s remit encompasses providing advice, recommending equipment and offering strategies to adapt the environment to suit individual requirements.

Having done this it is then the user’s responsibility, in most instances, to seek a company or small plumbing operation, to supply and install to the OT’s specified requirements which is where this particular root can fall down.

With such a specialist project it is important that the chosen contractor is familiar with working to adaptation specifications, to ensure everything is installed as required, and they have the ability to source the necessary equipment. If not then the results can be detrimental to the usability of the bathroom.

On the other hand, rather than engaging with an OT in the first instance, you can contact a specialist directly, like More Ability, who should have the capabilities and experience to assess, design, supply and install, all under one roof. Doing so will ensure the completed bathroom adaptation will be fit for the purpose it was intended and solve the present, and any future, bathing problems.

Similarly you can also engage with a specialist following an OT assessment whereby they will ensure the supplied goods and finished installation will meet the requirements of the specification, offering alternatives (if suitable and where possible) that could further enhance your bathing experience and safety.

At More Ability in Leeds we offer a full assess, design & install service if you wish to come to us directly but also work collaboratively with Occupational Therapists and Healthcare Professionals alike to supply & install mobility bathrooms to their medically approved specification.

Catering for all process types and specification eventualities we offer a series of solutions that cover the installation of accessible bathrooms, mobility bathrooms and disabled bathrooms to help you, as the end user, take control of your bathing experience and to remain safe and independent within your own home.

Depending on your criteria, and individual requirements, we have expanded our offering to include a more stylish and accessible wet floor shower alternative, opposed to a clinically looking mobility wet room adaptation, as we appreciate the importance of creating a safe solution that does not compromise on style.

More Ability, part of the Passmore Group, is Yorkshires leading and most experienced bath & shower room specialist for all types of stylish, safe & practical and bespoke solutions. Offering a fully project managed design & installation service we pride ourselves on meeting individual wants, needs and aspirational requirements for both the public & private sector.

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