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7 seamless bathroom habits you need to stop

18 August 2016

e visit the bathroom every single day, often multiple times. What we do in there becomes habit, it becomes a routine we could do in our sleep (I know some mornings I’ve found myself snoozing at the basin!).

It’s a repetitive necessity and that means it requires little or no thought. The problem with this is it causes you form habits, some good and some bad.

The aim of this article is to highlight some of those bad habits, to make you stop, think and perhaps revisit what you do, how you do it and why. It has been created to help you change your bathing routine for the better.

leaving soap in a ‘non draining’ dish

Leaving your soap in a dish is bad practice. Leaving your soap in a non-draining dish is absolutely sacrilege! Bathrooms are renowned for being warm, moist environments meaning they are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Using your soap while in the shower to scrub yourself clean and remove any dead or dried skin is common practice however we urge you to not then put this soap in a ‘hole less’ dish.

Think about it, where would the germs and bacteria go? Exactly, they wouldn’t. They’ll stay faithfully where you left them, patiently waiting for you to return to ‘scrub yourself clean’ once more. Moral of this story? Get a ‘holy’ dish. Amen.

leaving razors in the shower

No, no and no. Similar to the above, razor’s harness the potential to offer a quaint little home for bacteria and germs. Think about it, what do we use razors for? To remove any excess hair for various parts of our bodies.

The trouble is, due to the task at hand, they are in ever close contact with the skins surface, often taking off the top layer along with the hair growing in this area. Leaving this razor then in the shower to breed before using it once again exposes the skin to the potential of cross contamination. Shaving open pours so to save yourself the trouble of bacteria and germs entering these pours it’s important to thoroughly rinse your razor after use and store it in a cool and dry environment.

leaving damp towels in the bathroom to dry

Towels are used to dry yourself however after you have fulfilled this need it’s important to allow your towels to dry themselves otherwise mildew, a germs best friend, could form in and around the damper patches and creases.

Again, bathrooms and shower rooms are warm, damp environments so not the best place to ‘hang your laundry out to dry’. We suggest hanging towels over breathable spaces, a close horse for example, or draping them over a radiator in the cooler months.

leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth

We are all guilty of this. And it may not seem like a big deal but let’s just bring a little bit of perspective into the picture…

You’re a family of four - Dad, Mum, Teenage Son and Daughter. You all brush your teeth twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. You spend on average 1 minute 30 seconds brushing your pearly whites, making sure they are brighter then then sun and your breath fresher than a spear mint polo. That’s 3 minutes a day (each).

3 x 4 = 12

Your bathroom tap is running on constant for 12 minutes every single day.

There’s 365 days in a year…. See where we’re going with this?

365 x 12 = 4,380

Your bathroom taps in running constantly for 4,380 minutes, 73 hours or just over 3 whole days a year.


Will you be leaving your tap running next time you brush your teeth? No, me neither!

leaving make up in the bathroom

Any woman in the world will tell you the best place to apply makeup is in a well-lit bathroom mirror and if you’re lucky enough to have an illuminated one you’re on to an absolute winner!

We have no qualms what so ever with this however we would urge you NOT to store your make up in this room. The damp, moist environment does not do your make up, brushes or sponges any good and furthermore it is once again a breeding group for bacteria we are confident you don’t want to be applying to your face…

leaving the lid up when flushing the toilet

Now there’s many a fact and fiction about the modern day lavatory, from covering the seat before you sit right through to your office desk harbouring more germs. We’ve heard them all, some true and some false.

This little fact though is very true and no doubt another bad habit we are all guilty, made worse given its potential to be one of the most unhygienic.

Did you know when you flush the toilet water can splash up to a distance of 6 foot? That is of course if you leave the lid up. 6 foot is a long way and depending on the size of your suite could mean toilet water quite literally reaches the opposite side of the room. What a nice thought…. Will you be closing the lid before pushing the flush in future?

not changing you loofah, sponge, exfoliating mittens regularly enough

A modern day must have. Who doesn’t love a good shower scrub? You can’t deny your skin feels simply sensational after a good exfoliation, and so it should - you’ve removed all the dead skin leaving a smooth, soft glow.

Don’t worry, we’re not about to tell you to get rid for good (we wouldn’t dream of it) however we are going to tell you to replace these regularly.

Whether a sponge, loofah or exfoliating scrub, each are sinners when it comes to harbouring germs. They are renowned for holding water like you would not believe and the more moist they are the more desirable they are for bacteria and germs.

We advise you to not only change regularly (every 3 months max) but to also thoroughly rinse within its ‘shelf life’ and place in a dry, well ventilated space for drying, i.e. not the shower!

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